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The CR Way

The CR Way is a wonderful lifestyle. You feel UP, joyous – like you can do anything. And the documented biological changes are profound. The likelihood of contracting heart disease, cancer, diabetes, or Alzheimer's or kidney disease plummets while cells become more resilient – functioning in a more energy-efficient way.

No wonder thousands of people who want healthy life extension want to try the diet! The tough part for many, though, especially in our food-oriented society, is sticking with a diet – any diet.

Meredith Averill, chairman of the Board of the CR Society Intl and co-author of the best-selling book, The CR Way, gives guidance to those who want to try calorie restriction, “Human CR is very different from CR in animals. People have complex emotional lives, so any longevity regimen must satisfy their emotional needs as well as their nutritional requirements. The happy truth: This is easier than most people have imagined. Happiness, optimism, and contentment –as well as satiety – are greatly influenced by brain biochemistry, and we can alter that by food choices and lifestyle: We’re in charge of our biochemistry.”

Consider all the ways you can naturally affect brain biochemistry to predispose a positive optimistic attitude:

  • Meals to increase tryptophan, the precursor of serotonin – the relaxation neurotransmitter
  • Meditation that activates your brain’s left pre-frontal cortex , which is associated with positive emotion and self control
  • Glucose-lowering meals that increase secretion of BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor), which has an elating effect
  • Endorphins to increase pleasure and satisfaction
  • Deeper, more satisfying sleep…

Combining happiness biochemistry with CR is the core principle of the newest CR resource: The CR Way: Optimal Health. This contains 1) full membership in with its films and podcasts and its frequently updated recipes, meal plans, and other actionable information and 2) the most powerful lifestyle manager, NutriBase CR Way Edition software, delivered by download.

“It is well known that centenarians are happy individuals with a positive outlook on life,” says Paul McGlothin, Vice President of Research for the CR Society Intl and co-creator of The CR Way: Optimal Health. “This online resource can help you maintain a positive attitude. This makes dieting easy and fun, and it’s very likely to increase your chances to live better and longer.”