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May 1996

LE Magazine May 1996

Planning For 1996 A4M Meeting Moving Forward Rapidly

Part 3 Of Our Exclusive, In Depth Report On The New York Academy Of Science's Conference On DHEA June 18-19, 1995, Washington D.C.

In recent years, the annual Anti-Aging Medicine & Biomedical Technology Conference sponsored by the American Academy For Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M ) has been the major life extension event of the year. At last year's conference, which was the subject of an exclusive report in last month's issue of LIFE EXTENSION Magazine, 1,400 people gathered at the Alexis Park Resort Hotel in Las Vegas to listen to and mingle with some of the foremost anti-aging scientists in the world.

The Speaker Tent at A4M Conference As successful as last year's conference was, there was widespread sentiment at the meeting that - with better planning, greater investment, and harder work on the part of the leaders of the life extension movement - there would be substantial growth in the size and value of the A4M Conference in the years to come, and that the A4M event would soon become a major international event of extra- ordinary significance that would serve as a globally accepted bench- mark for progress in extending the healthy human lifespan.

The Planning Begins

A4M American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine In this spirit, there have already been several planning meetings aimed at making the 1996 A4M Conference the biggest and best life extension conference of all time. The Life Extension Foundation will be playing a more prominent role in this year's conference. We'll be involved in planning and promoting the conference to a greater extent than in previous years. In the near future, we'll be carrying detailed information about the A4M Conference program, the dates of the conference, and what you have to do to register for it. Right now. all we can say is that the conference is expected to be held in December 1996 at a hotel in Las Vegas.

Growth Hormone Experts To Speak At A4M Conference

The major feature of the 1996 A4M Anti-Aging Conference will be at least one symposium dealing with growth hormone replacement therapy - the hottest and most promising anti-aging therapy in the world.

Ever since Dr. Daniel Rudman of the University of Wisconsin's VA Hospital in Madison published the remarkable rejuvenation benefits of growth hormone in aging men, there has been an explosion of clinical research on the effects of replenishing depleted growth hormone levels in persons of middle and old age. The A4M Conference will bring together the world's foremost experts on growth hormone from countries such as Sweden, Denmark, and England, in addition to physicians and scientists in the U.S. who have been assessing the effects of growth hormone therapy on such functions as muscle mass, bone strength, connective tissue elasticity, immune function, neuroendocrine function, protein synthesis, and other measures of health and vitality.

The conference also will feature experts in the new, emerging field of growth hormone secretogogues.These are exciting new compounds that induce the secretion of growth hormone within the exciting new therapeutic approach that aims to produce the anti-aging benefits of growth hormone therapy without the high cost and inconvenience of having to go to the doctor for injections. Another the conference will be on the effects of growth hormone supplementation in animals. There will also be an opportunity to hear from and meet with individuals who have been taking growth hormone, and can tell you personally what it's like to take it.

Anti-Obesity Agents

Another feature of the 1996 A4M Conference will be a panel of anti-obesity experts who will discuss the latest therapies to keep you thin, strong, and healthy. These speakers will provide you with hard data about the value of staying thin and healthy, as well as the effects of healthy weight loss on your life and (possibly) your lifespan. Numerous studies have provided conclusive evidence that lowering calorie intake can slow the aging process and extend maxi- mum lifespan. Calorie restriction is the only universally accepted method of extending maximum lifespan in mammals. At the A4M conference, you'll learn about the best, safest, and most effective methods of fighting obesity.

Anti-Immunosenescence Therapies

A third feature at the 1996 A4M Conference will be a panel of scientists who have conducted research to reverse the immunelogic decline and dysfunction that occurs with advancing age. When our immune system begins to fail, it is the beginning of the end. Immunocompetence is essential for good health and longevity.

A healthy immune system keep you cancer free and protect you from viral and bacterial infections. A healthy immune fights off invading organisms out turning against the body its; (autoimmunity). One of the consequences of old age is a greater incidence of diseases caused by immune dysfunction such as the arthritis and lupus. Some scientists believe that. age-related failure of the immune system plays a critical role in aging process itself. At next Anti-Aging Medicine you'll find out about the effective therapies to prevent reverse the decline of immune system.