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April 1998


New Rejuvenex
Skin Care Formulas

New Rejuvenex Product Among the most popular products offered by the Life Extension Buyers Club has been the Rejuvenex line of skin care formulas, created by Prof. Carmen Fusco. The original Rejuvenex has 25 years of research behind it, and has been reformulated several times to incorporate the latest research findings on the causes and prevention of skin damage. Rejuvenex Facial Cleanser is an ideal preparation for the application of Rejuvenex Cream.

Now, the Rejuvenex line has been extended with two new products offered through the Life Extension Buyers Club. The Dream Cream by Rejuvenex is an intensive nighttime rejuvenating treatment for the face and neck.

Dr. Nicholas Hall, director of the Institute for Health and Human Performance, notes that it is during slow-wave "delta sleep" that our bodies recover from the stress and fatigue of daily living. The Dream Cream is designed to work during this period. In addition to RNA for cell energy, and vitamins A, C and E for antioxidant effect, the formula also contains DHEA and melatonin in a topical formula based on research published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Clinically, DHEA is shown to have a softening effect on rough, dry areas when applied topically. Dry, flaky skin is diminished, and a softened look is enhanced. Especially well-researched has been the essential role of antioxidants in healing and protecting the skin. In addition, vitamin E acetate, also contained in Dream Cream, reduces swelling in laboratory experiments. Tocopherols and their acetates, when applied topically, protected against swelling, redness, skin sensitivity and skin wrinkling.

Melatonin is a proven free-radical scavenger, and protects against harmful UV skin damage and aging.

Another product from Rejuvenex and Prof. Fusco, Vitaleyes Eye Cream, rounds out the Rejuvenex lineup for the skin. While Rejuvenex topical skin cream is a potent anti-aging weapon for the face and body, the skin around the eyes is thinner and more delicate, and requires a specialized treatment.

Vitaleyes has the antioxidant formulation found in Rejuvenex, and contains as well the natural vitamin E cited in a Veris Research Summary Report (May 1997, page 3) as one of the most effective substances for topical eye care:

"In a study of 20 women between 42 and 64 years of age, over one-half of the subjects showed a significant decrease in wrinkle amplitude and roughness on the eyelid treated with vitamin E containing cream daily for four weeks, compared to the eyelid treated with placebo cream. As noted by the researchers, their results clearly showed that topical use of natural vitamin E induced smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles in a sensitive area of the face."

The Vitaleyes formula helps promote increased collagen synthesis, important in preventing or reversing the "droopy" effect around the eyes. Over extended use, Vitaleyes can provide similar results as collagen injections, without the irritation and cost.

As we grow older, we suffer diminished microcapillary circulation within the skin, which deprives skin cells of the supply of vitamin C it needs for youthful collagen synthesis. The topical application of Vitaleyes' vitamin C regenerates vitamin E, and enables vitamin E to provide sustained antioxidant protection in the skin's elastin fibers. Together with Rejuvenex Cream and Cleanser, these two new products from Prof. Fusco promise a full range of benefits for the skin.