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September 1998

At Odds -- Again -- with Your
Health Freedom

LEF Hepatitis C Warning Advertisement The FDA has now proposed new rules, designed to enforce DSHEA, that would prohibit Americans from learning about certain types of medical information.

The FDA's proposed rules say that consumers can be told about how a vitamin affects the "structure or function" of the body, but that any reference to how the vitamin affects specific diseases will be classified as illegal speech. If the FDA's proposed rules become law, most consumers will not be able to find out about the nutrients they need to prevent, mitigate or treat any disease.

Examples of what the FDA has proclaimed to be illegal speech include such descriptions of benefits as "reduces nausea associated with chemotherapy," "protects against cancer," and "treats hot flashes." In other words, specific treatments for specific illnesses. But that is often exactly why consumers turn to natural, alternative therapies.

For example, since the FDA contends it's illegal to suggest anything but drugs to reduce nausea associated with chemotherapy, it would also be illegal to recommend coenzyme Q10 and vitamin E to reduce chemotherapy-induced heart muscle damage, melatonin to reduce chemotherapy-induced immune system damage, and N-acetylcysteine to reduce chemotherapy-induced liver damage.

The FDA is proposing that cancer patients be denied information about how to protect their hearts, livers, guts and immune systems against the lethal effects of FDA-approved chemotherapy drugs. These new proposed rules mandate suffering for cancer patients. They are not only immoral, they are blatantly unconstitutional.

The Life Extension Foundation is calling on all Americans to protest the FDA's most recent attempts to gain dictatorial power over our cherished right to free speech. Success rests solely on the willingness of our members and other Life Extension magazine readers to protest the FDA's actions.

Please complete the petitions that appear on the following pages. Make photocopies for others who believe that a free press is the ultimate protection against governmental malfeasance.

Americans have only until August 27 to respond to the FDA's proposed new rules. These petitions should be completed by every Life Extension Foundation supporter. To locate the names and phone numbers of your Congressional representative and two senators call 1-202-224-3121.