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July 2003

Bridging the Gap Between
Science & Medicine

Life Extension's most ambitious project ever

The fourth edition of Disease Prevention and Treatment consumed tens of thousands of hours of research time, including input from some of the world's leading authorities.

To understand the enormity of this new fourth edition of Disease Prevention and Treatment, one only has to look at the number of text words compared to the third edition published in 1999. There are 1,120,000 text words in the 2003 edition of Disease Prevention and Treatment compared to 549,000 in the 1999 edition.

There are so many text words in this fourth edition, that the full references had to be placed on a special Website. If the full references were contained in this edition, the book would contain about 2,500 pages and would be too heavy for some people to lift.

The research costs involved in producing this 1,500-plus-page scientific "edifice" has been well over one million dollars. We are not confident that we will recoup this financial outlay. We do know, however, that the information contained in this book can save the lives of tens of thousands of Life Extension members. For this reason, we celebrate the culmination of three years of enormous effort that went into producing this Fourth Edition (2003) of Disease Prevention and Treatment.


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A Wealth of Life-Saving Information

The public too often hears about a new life-saving therapy, only to be told that the treatment won't be available for many years. The brand new edition of Disease Prevention and Treatment tears down the artificial barriers that impede scientific advancement in clinical medical practice.

One purpose of this gigantic reference book is to expose the inadequacies of mainstream medicine. By showing specifically what conventional healthcare is failing to do, we will move one step closer to abolishing today's bureaucratic system that causes people to needlessly suffer and die.

The 4th Edition (published in 2003) of Disease Prevention and Treatment provides over 1,500 pages of concise information about therapies that are documented in the scientific literature, but are not routinely incorporated into clinical medical practice. Many of the recommendations in this latest edition of Disease Prevention and Treatment provide "inside" information about what innovative physicians are doing to prevent and treat the degenerative diseases of aging.

Gaining access to this knowledge enables one with a serious medical disorder to take advantage of these advanced modalities immediately, rather than waiting years for conventional medicine to catch on. It is a well-known fact that people die even though effective treatments may already exist for their diseases. Disease Prevention and Treatment breaks through the roadblock of scientific ignorance that keep life-saving knowledge away from those who need it.

Disease Prevention and Treatment contains novel information that the general public and their doctors are largely unaware of. A few examples of the kind of unique information contained in this book includes:

  • The most effective drug to alleviate the miseries of insomnia.
  • A nutrient that suppresses excess insulin production, resulting in reduced carbohydrate craving and subsequent body fat reduction.
  • A drug that is 92% effective in preventing the flu in people who have been exposed to the influenza virus.
  • Novel methods to treat irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Why hepatitis C treatment fails so often and what can be done to circumvent this impediment.
  • A simple head positioning technique that resolves vertigo symptoms in 50% of cases.
  • Proven methods to reduce prescription drug side effects while saving big dollars on your drug purchases.
  • The devastating role that chronic inflammation plays in degenerative disease and novel methods of suppressing the inflammatory cascade.
  • A simple blood test that predicts your risk of developing Type II diabetes four years ahead of time.
  • Hormone imbalances that cause mental depression and how you can correct these.
  • FDA-approved drugs that fight cancer, but are overlooked by most oncologists.
  • Steps you can take right now to dramatically reduce stroke risk.
  • Eight critical steps to controlling or curing cancer that are not routinely used in conventional oncology practice.
  • Why anti-hypertensive drugs often fail to adequately control high blood pressure and how the dose can be adjusted to make them work better.
  • The missing link that causes fibromyalgia patients to endure chronic pain.
  • The only therapy shown to slow the progression of Parkinson's disease (by 44%) over a 16-month study period.
  • A nutritional protocol for autistic children that parents said doubled improvement in just eight weeks.
  • A European drug that protects against glaucoma-induced optic nerve damage.
  • A French drug that lowers infections associated with chronic bronchitis by 60% .
  • Precautions one should take when supplementing with DHEA.
  • Safer estrogen replacement drugs to relieve menopausal miseries.
  • An OTC drug that can knock out herpes outbreaks within 24 to 48 hours. This drug also shortens the duration of shingles (herpes zoster attacks).
  • A superior method for treating acute heart attack (blocked coronary arteries) than currently used clot-dissolving therapies (such as tPA).
  • In-depth protocols to treat the leading types of cancer including prostate, breast and colon.
  • A common hormone deficiency that contributes to age-associated mental impairment and congestive heart failure.

If you have a concern about cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer's disease or more than 100 other disorders, the fourth edition of Disease Prevention and Treatment is a must for your library.

Disease Prevention and Treatment is the only book that makes specific recommendations about combining mainstream therapies with diet, nutrients, hormones and unique medications to provide patients with their best chance of preventing or gaining control over serious medical disorders. This is not a nutrition book. Rather, Disease Prevention and Treatment provides guidelines about how to safely use FDAapproved drugs, along with alternative therapies, in order to implement logical treatment regimens to address the multiple pathological processes involved in degenerative disease.

The protocols discussed in this book are documented by thousands of published studies from internationally recognized scientific journals. Despite this bountiful evidence, the medical establishment largely ignores many of the therapies recommended in this book.

The leading cause of death and disability today is ignorance about scientific approaches to prevent and treat degenerative disease. The novel information contained in Disease Prevention and Treatment could literally save your life. This hardbound book is fully indexed to enable the reader to quickly locate innovative solutions for 129 difficult-to-treat medical conditions. Keep it close by for future emergencies, and use the practical prevention and treatment suggestions to improve your state of health today.

The Life Extension Foundation is one of the world's largest organizations dedicated to the investigation of scientific therapies to prevent disease and slow premature aging. The Foundation financially supports innovative research projects seeking to stop death cold in its tracks. The Foundation maintains contact with leading medical and anti-aging researchers around the world to obtain the latest life extension breakthroughs.


Save Over 50% On Disease Prevention and Treatment

When specialty medical textbooks like Disease Prevention and Treatment are published, they normally sell for hundreds of dollars a copy. The reason for this is that enormous resources are committed to producing the book and the audience is often relatively limited. The Life Extension Foundation, on the other hand, reaches out to over 200,000 people who are eager to access this wealth of medical knowledge and share it with those they care for.

The fourth edition of Disease Prevention and Treatment consists of over 1,500 pages enclosed in a beautiful hardbound cover. Its official publication date is July 2003, but Life Extension members can obtain it early at a substantial discount before it is sold in stores. The cover price for Disease Prevention and Treatment is $49.95. On a cost per page/word basis, this book represents the greatest value of all time.

Members of the Life Extension Foundation can obtain their own personal hardbound copy of Disease Prevention and Treatment for only $24.98 (when ordered by July 31, 2003). If members want to share this life-saving information with friends, relatives and others who may benefit from this knowledge, four copies of Disease Prevention and Treatment can be ordered for only $22.00 each…a 55% savings off the cover price.

To order the over 1,500-page Disease Prevention and Treatment (fourth edition) medical reference book, call 1-800-544-4440.