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Headline Quotes Reveal Just A Few Examples of Today's Health Care Crisis

September 2008

By William Faloon

The $34 Trillion Problem

Medicare is poised to wreak havoc on the economy. And our presidential candidates are avoiding the issue.2

Eli Lilly Settles Zyprexa® Lawsuit

$15 million settlement announced; state of Alaska alleged the drug caused health problems that cost Medicaid program hundreds of millions.3

Study: Drug Errors Hurt One in 15 Hospitalized Kids

Medicine errors, overdoses, bad reactions harm one in 15 hospitalized kids. This estimate translates to 7.3% of hospitalized children, or 540,000 kids annually. Patient safety experts say that the problem is most likely even bigger than the study suggests.4

US Lags Behind 41 Nations in Life Span

For decades, the United States has been slipping in international rankings of life expectancy, as other countries improve health care, nutrition, and lifestyles.5

FDA Blamed for Dip in New Drugs

New drug approvals down 31% so far this year: report; FDA still stinging from Vioxx® approval.6

Bureaucratic Obstacles Shouldn't Stand in the Way of the Terminally Ill

Back in 2001, a vivacious, 21-year-old student at the University of Virginia - Abigail Burroughs - died of cancer. Her death was particularly heart-wrenching because, in the final weeks of her life, she was denied access to two investigational anticancer drugs recommended by her oncolo¬gist. The FDA later approved the drugs.7

US Reports of Death, Side Effects from Prescription Drugs Triple

Reports of dangerous side effects and deaths from wide¬ly used medicines almost tri¬pled between 1998 and 2005, an analysis of US drug data found.8

Woman Left in CT Scanner After Clinic Closes

A cancer patient says she was left alone in a CT scanner for hours after a technician apparently forgot about her. She finally crawled out of the device, only to find herself locked in the closed clinic. Doctor says it has happened before.9

Breast Cancer Patients May Face More Heart Risk

Breast cancer survivors may face increased risk of heart disease. Doctors are debating if it is time to largely abandon a chemotherapy mainstay that is one reason for the problem.10