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Health Protocols

Complementary Alternative Cancer Therapies

Preventing Tumor Spread (Angiogenesis, Invasion and Metastasis)

Natural strategies that arrest the spread of tumors include:

Alpha-Tocopherol supplementation, which provides the biological activity of vitamin E, reduces levels of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), a tumor growth factor that plays a critical role in the formation of new blood vessels by cancer cells and subsequent tumor invasion of other organs (Woodson K et al 2002). Indeed, levels of this cancer growth factor decreased by 11 percent in the supplemented group but increased by 10 percent in the non-supplemented group (Woodson K et al 2002).

Curcumin is known to arrest the growth of established cancer (Furness MS et al 2005) by interfering with the production of growth factors that cancer cells need to establish new blood vessels and thus invade other organs, a process known as angiogenesis (Arbiser JL et al 1998; Dulak J 2005; Furness MS et al 2005).

Green Tea. Epigallocatechin in green tea has long been known to have cancer-preventive properties (Cooper R et al 2005). Epigallocatechin prevents cancer cells from forming new blood vessels and thereby spreading to other organs (Jung YD et al 2001).

Pomegranate Extract. A laboratory study has demonstrated that extracts of the pomegranate fruit can prevent human prostate cancer cells from invading new tissues (Albrecht M et al 2004).

Soy (Genistein). Present in soy, genistein prevents any cancer cells that persist after surgery from invading new organs and spreading (Vantyghem SA et al 2005). This potential to arrest the spread of cancer is linked to genistein’s ability to reduce production of the growth factor VEGF, a prerequisite for cancer spread and invasion (Ravindranath MH et al 2004).