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Liver Degenerative Disease


Compared to other health conditions, it is striking how little attention is given to diseases of the liver, particularly considering the rising level of concern about health and health-related environmental issues. Hepatoprotection (or protection of the liver) should be of intense interest because the liver plays a critical role in all aspects of metabolism and overall health.

This protocol will present intriguing information about the role of the liver and why a well-functioning liver is essential for overall health and quality of life. Additionally, you will learn about ways to support healthy liver function, identify environmental hazards that constantly challenge the detoxification capacity of the liver, and the effects of alcohol on the liver.

Some beneficial herbs will also be described. In Europe and Asia, herbal liver remedies have been in common use for decades--perhaps even centuries. The effectiveness of the herbs used in these remedies has been validated through research and clinical studies. These herbs generally contain antioxidants, membrane-stabilizing and bile-enhancing compounds, or substances that prevent depletion of sulfhydryl compounds, such as glutathione.