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Health Protocols

Prevention Protocols

The Basis for Determining What Works

People seeking to reduce their risk of disease are often overwhelmed by the volume of technical data on the subject. For the past 33 years, Life Extension has meticulously reviewed the published medical literature dating as far back as 1917. Life Extension personnel have dedicated the past 35 years to working with physicians and scientists to develop validated methods of preventing age-related disease.

Each year, Life Extension spends millions of dollars on research projects aimed at extending the healthy human lifespan. Since 1983, Life Extension has reviewed thousands of blood test results of customers who have been following anti-aging supplement, drug, and hormone-replacement programs.

Based on this vast accumulation of data, Life Extension has designed a practical disease prevention protocol that is based solely on scientific principles.

Before embarking on a program to reduce the risk of degenerative disease, it is important to know about scientific studies conducted on humans that show these therapies really work. If unaware of these published studies, you may be unlikely to methodically follow a long-term disease prevention program.