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Skin Care: Beauty Supplements, Health and Nutrition, Dietary Supplements

Skin Care: Beauty Supplements, Health and Nutrition, Dietary SupplementsWhile the use of vitamins and other nutritional supplements will help ensure that you are healthy on the inside, Life Extension’s Beauty and Personal Care line includes skin care products, cosmetics, targeted dietary supplements, and more to support the health and appearance of your eyes, teeth, hair and skin. Life Extension offers personal care health supplements and topical treatment products that are years ahead of drugstore and department store brands.

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CosmeticsCosmetics containing natural ingredients can bring out your best features while protecting the skin.

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Skin Care

Skin Care treatments help maintain a healthy, youthful appearance while protecting the skin from sun, pollution, dryness, inflammation, and free radical damage.

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Personal Care

Personal Care products offer a wide array of oral supplements and topically applied treatments to help maintain the health and appearance of the eyes, teeth, hair and skin.

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Health Goals:


EyesEyes should be protected from the elements and provided with the nutrients needed to maintain vision throughout all stages of life.

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MouthMouth care products are not just for maintaining a healthy smile – oral health has an impact on the entire body.

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Hair and Nails

Hair and NailsHair and Nails can be beautified and protected with the use of scientifically validated oral and topically applied products.

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SkinSkin is the largest organ in the body and our first defense against invasion by bacteria, viruses and toxic substances in our environment, so protecting this organ is a must!

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Anti-Aging Supplements Anti-Aging and Longevity
Health Supplements Health and Well-Being
Diet Supplements Diet and Energy
Vitamin Supplements Vitamins and Minerals
Herbal Supplements Herbal and Phyto Extracts
Beauty Supplements Beauty and Personal Care

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