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Dietary Supplements: Amino Acids, Sports Performance and Weight Loss Supplements

Dietary Supplements: Amino Acids, Sports Performance and Weight Loss SupplementsMost people are interested in losing weight to improve their appearance and help protect against the development of a number of diseases, yet Life Extensionists know that consuming fewer calories could result in a longer life span, accompanied by improved health and more energy. While the practice of calorie restriction has its advocates, most of us find it challenging to eat less and maintain proper nutrition. By consuming specific supplements targeted to reducing excess body fat, in addition to maintaining a healthy diet and activity program, men and women find it easier to meet their goals. Life Extension® suggests consulting with your physician before embarking upon a weight loss and exercise regimen, and recommends the use of supplements to compensate for any reduction in essential nutrients that may occur as a result of reduced energy intake.

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Amino Acids

Amino acidsAmino acids are the building blocks of proteins, and individual amino acids target specific concerns, including muscle building, immune system balancing, mood stabilization and other areas.

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ProbioticsProbiotics help maintain normal intestinal microflora (disrupted by antibiotic therapy), which checks the overgrowth of harmful microorganisms and improves digestion.

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Digestive Enzymes

Digestive EnzymesDigestive enzymes become increasingly beneficial as we grow older as they boost the body’s ability to digest food.

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ProteinProtein powders are derived from animal or plant sources and are used by vegetarians, sports enthusiasts or anyone wishing to ensure adequate intake.

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FiberFiber acts as a bulking agent in the stomach and intestine, which means you feel fuller and may eat less after consuming it, in addition to experiencing improved regularity.

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SoySoy products can be a source of protein or a way to obtain concentrated isoflavones, which are particularly popular among menopausal women.

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FoodFood items, such as meal replacement shakes and healthy soups, are among the many nutritive options offered by Life Extension.

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SweetenersSweeteners are used by dieters, diabetics or anyone looking for a healthier way to enhance food and beverages.

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Health Goals:


Adrenal SupplementsAdrenal supplements provide optimal support to this often overworked and overlooked gland, which is important in supporting a healthy response to stress.

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Sports Performance

Sports PerformanceSports Performance supplements offer you a competitive edge, whether you’re an athlete seeking to improve performance or an individual looking to get more out of your 20-minute daily work-out.

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DigestiveDigestive ability, including the production of enzymes and hydrochloric acid, can decline with age, which is why boosting the intake of these compounds may help men and women derive greater nutritive value from the food they consume.

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Thyroid SupplementsThyroid supplements support proper function of the thyroid, a gland whose production of critical hormones often declines with age.

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Glucose Support

Glucose supportGlucose support is aided by specific nutrients, which should be consumed in addition to a prudent diet, such as that recommended by the American Diabetes Association.

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Weight management

Weight managementWeight management can be aided by dietary supplements which help to control the absorption of fat or promote the intake of fewer calories --which may result not only in weight loss, but could contribute to a longer life span.

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Mitochondrial Support

Mitochondrial SupportMitochondrial support is provided by nutrients newly revealed to enhance the genesis and growth of these cellular power plants.

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