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Health Supplements: CoQ10, Omega 3, Prostate health

Health Supplements: CoQ10, Omega 3, Prostate health For most individuals, optimal health and nutrition can be achieved by combining a sound diet with the right health supplements, in addition to adopting other healthy lifestyle practices. Popular supplements can help protect against conditions prevalent among many individuals, while other supplements address specific concerns.

The categories included in Health and Well-Being are of interest to individuals who are concerned about their own health and nutrition and that of their loved ones (including their pets!). In addition to nutritional supplements, Life Extension® offers a wide range of blood tests at discounted prices. These tests can help determine one’s risk of diseases, as well as ensure that no underlying conditions preclude the use of certain supplements.

Product Categories:

Blood Tests

Blood testsBlood tests are of paramount importance to anyone who consumes nutritional health supplements or wants to prevent disease and maintain optimal health.

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MiscellaneousMiscellaneous products include unique and practical items available from Life Extension.

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Books and Media

Books and MediaBooks and Media covering a variety of health and longevity topics arm the consumer with the information they need to make free and informed choices.

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Special Purpose Formulas

Special Purpose FormulasSpecial Purpose Formulas are targeted to a variety of health concerns to assist in every aspect of achieving optimal health.

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Essential Fatty Acids

Essential Fatty AcidsEssential Fatty Acids provide beneficial fats that are often deficient in Western diets which are high in saturated fat and omega-6 fatty acids.

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Health Goals:

Children's Health

Children’s Health SupplementsChildren’s Health and nutritional needs, which are often unmet by snack foods and picky eating, can be ensured by prudent supplementation in dosages formulated specifically for this age group.

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Nerves SupplementsNerves need specific nutrients to do their job, and providing the nervous system with the raw materials it needs enables it to function optimally.

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Heart SupplementsHeart and vascular system supplements should be combined with a healthy diet and a physician-approved exercise regimen to ensure a well-rounded cardiovascular health protection program.

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Pet Health

Pet Health SupplementsPet Health has gained attention over the past several decades, as individuals and families increasingly recognize the value of their animal companions and strive to increase the quality and quantity of their years.

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Inflammatory Factors

Inflammatory FactorsInflammatory Factors are increasingly acknowledged in the development of many health concerns, and can be modified in part via a healthy lifestyle that includes the intake of key nutrients.

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Prenatal SupplementsPrenatal formulas containing folic acid and other essential nutrients are critical for pregnant women in order to provide an optimal environment for the developing infant during a healthy pregnancy.

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Kidneys SupplementsKidneys filter the blood and help regulate the body's acid-base balance, electrolytes and blood pressure, therefore, protecting kidney function with specific nutrients can be crucial to maintaining general health.

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Prostate SupplementsProstate health is of concern to every older man, and specific nutrients have long been used to maintain youthful prostate function.

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Libido SupplementsLibido need not decline with age when targeted nutrient and botanical formulas are used as needed.

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Seasonal SupplementsSeasonal allergy sufferers can find relief through the use of botanical and other products designed to help prevent or minimize symptoms.

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Liver SupplementsLiver tonics and formulas have long been used to support the function of this vital organ which is responsible for processing the nutrients we ingest as well as eliminating toxins.

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Sleep SupplementsSleep aids are used by millions of men and women to relieve insomnia and ensure quality sleep, which is vital to cognitive and immune functions.

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Mood and Emotional Health

Mood and Emotional Health SupplementsMood and emotional health are influenced not only by environment, but by our individual biochemistry, which is affected by the nutrients we take in.

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Urinary SupplementsUrinary health can be maintained with proper hygiene and hydration, and by regularly consuming specific compounds that protect the urinary tract from bacterial invasion.

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