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Date Added

DNA Genetic Cancer Risk Profile LC100057 3/1/2017
Neurotransmitter Basic Panel LC100058 3/1/2017
APOE Genetic Test for Alzheimer's and Cardiac Risk LC100059 3/1/2017
HLA-DQ Genetic Test for Celiac Disease Susceptibility LC100060 3/1/2017
Food Safe Allergy Test Extended LCM73002 3/1/2017
Food Safe Allergy Test Combo LCM73003 3/1/2017
Complete Hormone Profile (dried urine) LCM4992 3/1/2017
Vegan/Vegetarian Panel LC100056 1/1/2017
Thrombotic Risk LC100055 12/1/2016
Iron Panel LC100051 9/1/2016
PLAC Test for Lp-PLA2 Activity LC820718 8/1/2016