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Vitamin Supplements: Daily Vitamins, Multi Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamin Supplements: Daily Vitamins, Multi Vitamins and MineralsVitamins are essential to life. With the consumption of denatured foods and produce grown on poor soil, the average diet may supply just enough vitamins to avoid overt signs of deficiency, yet fail to supply levels that facilitate optimal health. Additionally, certain health conditions, advancing age, poor absorption, and lifestyle choices can increase the demand for vitamins. Pregnancy also increases the need for a number of nutrients.

Most multinutrient supplements contain minerals; however, many individuals will want to add greater amounts to their daily regimen depending upon their dietary intake. Calcium, for example, is a mineral that is required in higher amounts than most multivitamins or one’s diet provides. Other mineral supplements — including magnesium, zinc, potassium, selenium, chromium, boron and copper — may be needed depending upon specific health concerns.

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MineralsMinerals, along with vitamins, are considered essential; in other words, they must be obtained from the diet on a regular basis so that the body’s vital functions can take place.

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VitaminsVitamins are fat-soluble (vitamins A, D, E and K), or water-soluble (B and C), and can be added to a multivitamin supplement or combined on their own to create a program tailored to your specific requirements.

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MultivitaminsMultivitamins take the guess-work out of formulating a nutritional regimen, and ensure your basic needs will be met.

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