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How You Can Benefit From Taking Life Extension Supplements

What's a good basic nutrition program?

Multivitamin supplements are the foundation of a nutritional supplementation program. Taking multivitamins is an easy way to get the nutrients you need in one product, with the exception of calcium. We recommend calcium supplements such as Bone Restore. Men, and women under 35 years of age, need 1000 mg of calcium, women over 35 need at least 1200 mg of calcium per day. Consider Life Extension Mix plus calcium supplements as a basic nutritional regimen.

How do I take Life Extension Mix multivitamins?

Life Extension Mix is available in powder, tablet or capsule form. Take three scoops of Life Extension Mix powder per day, one with each meal. If you prefer tablets, nine tablets per day are recommended, three with each meal. Fourteen capsules per day is the recommended dose of Life Extension Mix Capsules. A convenient way to take the capsules is by taking five with breakfast, four with lunch and five with dinner.

Why is it necessary to take fourteen capsules but only nine tablets of Life Extension Mix per day?

Life Extension Mix tablets are larger than the capsules and more tightly packed. A day's supply of Life Extension Mix can be compressed into nine tablets. If you have a problem swallowing pills, you may wish to order Life Extension Mix Capsules.

What's the difference between Life Extension Mix and Life Extension Mix with Extra Niacin? Which one should I take?

Life Extension Mix formula contains 190 mg niacin per daily dose, which means you'll be getting a little over 63 mg with each meal. Life Extension Mix with Extra Niacin, however, contains 862 mg niacin per daily dose, which is 287 mg per meal. Extra niacin is generally used by people concerned with cholesterol. This high level of niacin creates what is called a niacin flush, a harmless sensation of warmth, heat and tingling accompanied by a temporary reddening of the skin that can last an hour or more. The niacin flush is usually not experienced by people who choose the regular formula Life Extension Mix.

High levels of niacin such as those in Life Extension Mix with Extra Niacin should be used with caution by those with liver disease. Consult your physician if you have an elevation of liver enzymes or enlargement of the liver.

Are there any doctors who can assist me with my nutrition program?

Life Extension maintains a listing of physicians and other health practitioners who are interested in preventive medicine, nutrition and anti aging supplements. Life Extension does not evaluate these practitioners, but relies upon the expressed interest of the practitioner and Life Extension customer feedback to determine their eligibility.