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We have one mission, and one mission only: to help you live a healthier, longer life.

In fact, we're at the forefront of medical research, constantly looking for ways to prolong youth, health, and life. And we've been at it for more than 34 years, investing more than $140 million to find therapies and technologies that could lead to lifesaving cures for the diseases of aging. But as you'll soon see, that's only the beginning.

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  • It's the way our benefits work together that sets us apart.

  • We've developed a comprehensive system that integrates information, products, and services to help you get healthy and stay healthy. When you join the Life Extension Foundation® for as little as $6.95 a month, these are just some of the benefits you'll enjoy:

Science-Based Supplements

Over 350 premium-quality formulations that are the gold standard of the industry. All are clinically validated and tested. All come with a 100% money-back guarantee. Yours at savings of 25%–50%, with even greater members-only savings throughout the year.

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Life Extension Magazine®

The world's premier publication on staying healthy and living longer. Delivered to you free every month.

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Health Advisors

Our team of naturopaths, nurses, nutritionists, and personal trainers are all here for you. With a simple toll-free call, every day of the year, they can answer your questions on health, and they will gladly create a regimen of nutritional supplements, diet, and exercise that's customized for your needs. Just another benefit of membership.

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Disease Prevention & Treatment

($69.95 cover price) Addressing 130 different health concerns, this updated 5th edition contains over 1,400 pages of breakthrough information that bridges the gap between cutting-edge science and mainstream medicine. Free with your membership. (Available to monthly members at an additional cost.)

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Life Extension Directory

This comprehensive guide to all Life Extension supplements includes the "Top 12 Steps to Achieving Ultimate Health" and other essential health information. Free with your membership. (Available to monthly members on request.)

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You simply will not find another integrative resource like this anywhere to help you stay healthier, look better, feel younger, live longer.

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The cost of an annual membership is $75 for U.S. members, $82 for Canadian members, and $110 for international members. The cost of a monthly membership is $6.95 and is available to U.S. members only.