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Why Life Extension?

"Because optimal health is a lifelong goal."

As a player and coach, I've always demanded the best. That's why I teamed up with Life Extension®. For 36 years, Life Extension has been helping people stay healthy and live better. They offer the best nutritional supplements because they have the toughest standards. Like me.

I knew that our new ProstatePM formula was special ... a men's health supplement perfect for guys like you and me. Life Extension understood my vision. They got it. And now, you can too.


ProstatePM. For Men's Health.

"ProstatePM tackles prostate health with strong science."

As a man ages, so does his prostate. And even a normally aging prostate can lead to sleepless nights. You wake up all night long to go ... and then can't get back to sleep. But not with ProstatePM. ProstatePM helps promote nighttime urinary function and prostate health associated with normal aging.

ProstatePM is one of the only once-a-day nutritional supplements formulated specifically to support prostate health, healthy nighttime urinary patterns, and restful sleep in aging men. In short, ProstatePM is perfect for guys like you and me.

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ProstatePM Ingredients:

"Formulated to promote prostate health, normal urination, and a good night's sleep."

  • Pygeum bark extract & Beta-sitosterol: Two unique ingredients that help reduce nighttime frequency of urination — especially for guys with aging prostates.
  • Lycopene: From Tomat-O-Red® extract. Lycopene is a powerful nutrient for prostate health, helping to protect your prostate at the cellular level.
  • Boron: Boron is a little-known trace element shown to promote healthy prostate tissue.
  • Melatonin: Non-habit forming melatonin encourages healthy, natural, and restful sleep.
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"That's why you should choose ProstatePM."

— Coach Mike Ditka



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