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Natural Analgesic Cream Relieves Everday Aches and Pain

November 2004

By Dave Tuttle

LE Magazine November 2004
Natural Analgesic Cream Relieves Everday Aches and Pain
By Dave Tuttle 

Last summer’s Olympic Games in Athens thrilled people across the globe. Seeing the world’s best athletes perform near-superhuman feats inspires and motivates us to challenge our physical limits. While the thrill of victory is sweet, the road to victory is often full of pitfalls and obstacles. All athletes have their share of injuries, everything from torn ligaments to muscle pain and stiffness from overexertion. This has led coaches to seek out methods to reduce these injuries, which can compromise performance and even end athletic careers.

Fortunately, an innovative scientist recently developed a sports cream that provides significant relief from these symptoms. After years of clinical trials, the formulation was tested on several athletes on the US track and field team, who praised its benefits. It was also provided to all 32 National Football League franchises, which distributed it to their players. Again, the cream was lauded for its effectiveness. These testimonials would be impressive for any product, but are even more remarkable considering that this cream was developed to help the inventor with his own severe arthritis pain.

Persistence Leads to Invention
Like many older people, H. Edward Troy, PhD, suffered from arthritis. As head research pharmacologist for a major international pharmaceutical company, Dr. Troy was familiar with investigations of new and innovative drugs, and well aware of the limited options available to arthritis sufferers. Like most sufferers, he had tried counter-irritant creams and capsaicin-based products, as well as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as aspirin and ibuprofen. Finally, he resorted to more powerful steroidal drugs such as prednisone.

All of these products either did not work or had unacceptable side effects. Eventually, he chose to dedicate his life to the research and development of an analgesic that would offer significant pain relief while sparing sufferers the dangerous side effects associated with many medications. By training and experience, Dr. Troy knew that doctors and medical practitioners had long used certain emollients that when applied topically provide remedial effects for the pain and discomfort of arthritis. He theorized that these compounds could be isolated and combined in a compatible, balanced, all-natural formula free of the undesirable side effects of prescription drugs.

Despite his extensive knowledge in the field, Dr. Troy found it difficult to find the ideal combination of ingredients. Some nutrients lacked sufficient effectiveness, while others irritated the skin or had an unacceptable odor. Nevertheless, Dr. Troy was not deterred. Motivated by his personal loss, he continued to explore ever more esoteric nutrient blends, eventually achieving success with a combination of over 18 different natural compounds. Remarkably, Dr. Troy persevered in his quest for 14 long years, despite an extraordinary 1,221 failed attempts. His revolutionary new product was thus named Natural Relief 1222.

Unique Blend of Nutrients
Natural Relief 1222 is an all-natural analgesic cream that contains no traditional counter-irritants or capsaicin. Its proprietary combination of botanical and organic ingredients has been shown to provide effective relief without the icy-hot sensations and pungent locker-room odors commonly associated with over-the-counter creams. Nor does it cause the gastrointestinal side effects associated with aspirin and other NSAIDs.

This patented blend of nutrients is the only pharmaceutically prepared analgesic compound that has been clinically shown to provide rapid, safe, and effective pain relief without side effects in both shallow and deep body tissues. Suitable for use by sufferers of arthritis, neuritis, bursitis, and various skin trauma conditions, Natural Relief 1222 contains a unique mixture of natural compounds developed in an innovative chemical engineering process that combines them in a balanced, compatible formula. While the formulation is considered proprietary information, Dr. Troy has revealed that it includes shark liver oil and deodorized garlic oil, both of which have clearly demonstrated anti-inflammatory benefits. The effectiveness of these oils is enhanced when they are bonded together and combined with the other nutrients in this patented blend. The formulation also contains vitamin E.

Natural Relief 1222 has several mechanisms of action. The first is its ability to neutralize free radicals. As Life Extension members know, free radicals are unstable molecules with a great affinity for oxygen. This makes them very dangerous because they can damage everything from the walls of blood vessels to the membranes and cartilage tissues around joints.1 Antioxidants block the addition of oxygen to free radicals. Garlic oil contains selenium and zinc, two minerals with significant antioxidant properties. The vitamin E in the formulation also contributes to this neutralization process.

Natural Relief 1222’s second major mechanism of action is the interruption of an important inflammatory pathway in the body. Omega-6 fat metabolism follows the arachidonic acid cascade, whose end products are various inflammatory prostaglandins, thromboxanes, and leukotrienes.2,3 Cortisone, the NSAIDs, and some newer products try to interrupt the formation of these end products going down the chain, but they often have side effects that are problematic at best.4 Omega-3 oils, such as shark liver oil, can modulate arachidonic acid metabolism, reducing arachidonic acid concentrations and increasing EPA levels.5 This results in the production of vasodilating prostaglandins, leuko-trienes, and thromboxanes that do not produce inflammation or that block the ones that do through the regular cyclooxygenase and 5-lipoxygenase cascades. This also prevents the onrush of blood cells and causes those already present to lose their stickiness.6

Natural Relief 1222 also contains two botanically based extracts, Bryonia alba 6x and Rhus toxicodendron 6x. Bryonia alba 6x has been traditionally used in the treatment of aching muscles, stitching pains, pressure and sinus headaches, and painful stiffness in the nape of the neck and the lower back.7 Bryonia alba 6x is also indicated for rheumatic pains, joints that are red, swollen, and stiff, and pain in the knees.7 Rhus toxicodendron 6x has been classically used in the treatment of pain in the joints and tendons, sprains and strains, tearing pains, sciatica, tenderness of the knee joints, low back pain, and stiffness of the neck.8 Rhus toxicodendron 6x has also been used in the management of stiff arms and legs, pain in the jaw, and facial neuralgia.8 These botanically based ingredients make Natural Relief 1222 suitable for a wide range of therapeutic applications.

Clinical Trials Demonstrate Effectiveness
Three clinical trials have been conducted on Natural Relief 1222. The first was performed by the California Research Foundation, a private organization in San Diego, CA, that has investigated drugs and supplements for more than 60 pharmaceutical companies.9 Forty-eight patients with rheumatoid arthritis and/or osteoarthritis participated in this two-week study. After the volunteers were divided into two groups of equal age, duration of arthritis, and baseline condition, half received Natural Relief 1222 and the other half were given a placebo cream. At the initial baseline visit, the patients were screened to determine whether they met the inclusion and exclusion criteria. Medical histories were obtained and physical exams performed, including an evaluation of the patient’s arthritic symptoms using a visual analog scale. During this visit, the respective cream was applied and the patients remained in the clinic for 30 minutes to rate their pain. The volunteers were then instructed to apply the product to their arthritic areas four times per day: on awakening and at lunch, dinner, and bedtime for 14 consecutive days. At a second visit seven days later, the investigator and test subject assessed the changes, if any, in arthritic symptoms. Volunteers were also questioned about product compliance, concomitant medication use, and adverse effects. This procedure was repeated again at the end of the study period.

Statistical comparisons of the two groups revealed that those using Natural Relief 1222 had a significantly higher improvement score, beginning 30 minutes after the first treatment. Of the 24 patients receiving the formulation, 13 (54.2%) showed improvement in their limitation of motion, compared to 3 of 24 (12.5%) in the placebo group. The overall visual analog pain scores showed that the difference between the two groups from baseline to the final visit was greatest in those who had the highest baseline levels. The researchers also noted that there was an absence of systemic side effects during the study.

Paul A. Repicky, PhD, performed the second study, to rate the relative effectiveness of Natural Relief 1222 as a treatment for arthritis pain, joint pain, and muscle stiffness.10 Seventy-two subjects were selected from a group of patients who were using another product for symptom relief at the start of the study period. The subjects were asked to rate the effectiveness of the analgesic or anti-inflammatory medication they were using on a scale of 1 (least effective) to 4 (most effective). They were then asked to stop the use of their medications before application of Natural Relief 1222. The volunteers were told to apply the cream to the affected area once daily for three days. After three days, they were asked to rate it using the same scale for effectiveness they had used for their other medication.

The results showed the clear superiority of Natural Relief 1222. More than 80% of the study participants ranked this cream as more effective: 83% said it was the most effective treatment for their pain, while 82% found it most effective for increasing their range of motion. In addition, 85% of the patients with arthritis ranked it as best for pain and 80% of the subjects with soft tissue injuries gave it top marks for pain relief. The speed of action was impressive, with many patients reporting an alleviation of symptoms after the initial application. None of the subjects reported any side effects or allergic reactions using Natural Relief 1222.

These two studies provide convincing evidence that Natural Relief 1222 is superior to other creams on the market. The Life Extension Foundation conducted its own study to conclusively determine the desirability of Natural Relief 1222. The 16 study participants evaluated the previous products that they had used for symptom relief and noted the improvements experienced with this new cream. For a number of them, Natural Relief 1222 was the first product they had tried that offered substantial relief from symptoms. The participants also rated this cream more natural and easier and more pleasant to use than creams or gels that they had used previously. In all, 87.5% found the cream superior to what they used previously, and 93.8% said that they would recommend the product to friends and family.

One contented participant was Ursula Arias, who obtained a sample of Natural Relief 1222 for her husband. “He has suffered with severe arthritis in his upper back as well as a curvature of the spine,” she noted. “He has tried many different topical creams and gels without much relief, always reverting back to his prescription pain medication. We agreed to try this new product for the study. Much to our relief, my husband was able to stop taking his prescription pain medication before going to bed after the very first application! It allowed him to get a restful sleep without the drug. We are looking forward to the continued use of this wonderful product.”