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How You Can Prevent DHEA from Becoming an “Illegal Drug”

June 2007

It has been a while since a specific dietary supplement has been threatened to be turned into an illegal drug by an act of Congress.

In the past, we have advised people to stock up on a large supply of the endangered supplement in the event of its abrupt removal from the marketplace.

This time, we have to caution that if Senate bill 762 (S.762) and House Resolution 1249 (H.R. 1249) are enacted into law, DHEA would be classified as a “controlled substance” under the Anabolic Steroid Control Act. This would mean that mere possession of DHEA could subject you to criminal sanctions, including jail time.

If the thought of federal agents raiding the homes of elderly Americans to seize their DHEA sickens you as much as it does us, we urge you to email and call your two Senators and House Representative and tell them to vote against any legislation seeking to restrict DHEA.

Those without computer access can tear out the next page, photocopy it, and mail it to their Representative and Senators. If you have the time, please use this letter as a basis from which to write your own personal letter to your elected officials. Personal letters are taken very seriously by those in government. We also ask that you phone your Representative and Senators at 1-202-224-3121 to let them know how disgusted you are that Congress would even contemplate turning a safe dietary supplement like DHEA into a controlled substance—especially when the apparent motive to remove DHEA as a low-cost supplement is so that it can be sold as an expensive prescription drug.

To make it very convenient, we have set up a special website that enables you to send our form letter and/or any other communications to your members of Congress. You can log on directly to this website at

We suggest that email be used as much as possible. For those who want to mail a printed letter, it should be sent to the legislator’s home office and not to Washington, DC. To find the name and home office address of your members of Congress, call 1-202-224-3121 and provide your zip code, and you will be connected to your Representative’s office. You can call back to be connected to your Senators. This not only enables you to obtain the home office address, but also gives you a chance to make your views known about this bill that would ban consumer access to DHEA.

It is crucial that all Life Extension members let their Senators and Representatives know that DHEA is not an anabolic steroid, despite the misleading information that appears to be disseminated by pharmaceutical interests. You can reach your members of Congress during daytime hours by calling 1-202-224-3121, and you can email them 24 hours a day by logging on to