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Extreme Life Extension

February 2008

By William Faloon

New members sometimes complain that the Life Extension Foundation appears to be seeking indefinitely extended human life spans utilizing any available technology. Their problem with this, they say, is that they personally are only interested in living out their natural life spans in good health.

Our response to them is that it is true that we will do just about anything to keep a member from dying, and that we indeed are striving to eliminate aging and death as inevitable consequences of human life.

Here is my reply to people who only want a little extra help:

“Who do you want to trust your health to… Pharmaceutical companies that only want to sell partially effective and side-effect-prone drugs… Apathetic doctors who virtually write off human beings once they reach a certain age… Government bureaucracies that function to protect the medical establishment at your expense… Commercial supplement companies who don’t spend a dime on longevity research, nor provide anything more than a bottle of pills for your money? (Try calling a commercial supplement company when a serious health condition manifests and see how willing they are to talk to you then.)”

My message is that if all someone wants is an extra few years of good health, then they should still belong to an organization with a track record of making the extraordinary efforts needed to achieve significant extensions of healthy life. More timid approaches to delaying the afflictions of aging are only minimally effective at best.

For instance, even if you are only looking for modest health and longevity improvements, who would you rather trust?

1. Commercial companies that do not care how long you live, nor do anything beyond the minimum when selling you a health product or service;


2. The only organization on earth with an unwavering 28-year commitment to longevity research that is willing to employ innovative life-extension technologies when trying to keep members alive in good health?

The vast majority of the public today chooses option #1. The harsh penalty for accepting mediocre health protection is guaranteedage-related disease and premature death, as run-of-the-mill attempts to defy pathological aging simply don’t work.

Enlightened individuals who choose #2, on the other hand, take advantage of the full spectrum of aggressive methods of extending their healthy life spans offered by the Life Extension Foundation.

Aging gracefully requires aggressive intervention. If nature’s cruel termination of human life is to be forestalled, a comprehensivehealth maintenance program that protects every critical organ system must be followed. We regret to say it, but taking only a few vitamin supplements each day is not going to do it.

Those desiring a greatly extended healthy life span should be part of an organization that is working to accomplish what most people believe is the “impossible.” We at Life Extension would view only 10-15 extra years of healthy life as a failure,whereas commercial companies don’t even pretend to be striving for this modest objective.

In this article, we discuss the potential anti-aging effects of higher-dose resveratrol, problems that we encountered with our own resveratrol supplements, and how much resveratrol you may need to take.

Whether you merely want to delay the manifestation of age-related disorders, or are seeking to reach the frontiers of human longevity, we think there are compelling reasons to consider resveratrol as part of your daily health maintenance regimen.

Extreme Life Extension

The two pictures of me on this page were taken in December 2007.

The picture of me on page 7 of this issue was taken in April 2003.

Whether you think I look like I’m aging or not, I can assure you that I am. I therefore follow extreme measures to impede this devastating process. I am now 53 chronological years of age.

Extreme Life Extension