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October 2010

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Aggressive Actions Needed to Avert Obesity Crisis

As a catastrophic obesity epidemic unfolds before our eyes, conventional medicine’s inadequate response shocks the conscience. One third of the American population is obese—with another third overweight. This guarantees an imminent health and economic disaster as these individuals succumb to diseases requiring high cost medical care. The best the federal government can suggest is diet, exercise, and dangerous prescription drugs. Sadly overlooked are irrefutable data showing that excess fat accumulation in aging humans is reversible with an aggressive multi-modal attack. Find out 27 correctable causes that underlie age-related weight gain, along with clinically validated regimens that effectively target these factors.


Reverse Age-Related Weight Gain

Your aging body can’t handle excess calories the way it used to. The result? Increased body fat storage and elevated glucose, triglyceride, and cholesterol levels. The good news is that four proprietary nutrients can safely decrease appetite, impede absorption of ingested calories, and control regulators of body fat storage. Discover how the latest of these clinically validated weight-loss weapons efficiently manages the way your body processes ingested calories.

Block Absorption of Fat Calories Safely

A landmark study reveals that for a majority of individuals, regular dieting is a cause of weight gain and may increase your long-term risk of chronic disease. Interventions that block uptake of killer fat calories are more effective—when used the right way. Here we detail how to benefi t from lipase-inhibitors and bile acid-binders while maintaining optimal levels of fat-soluble nutrients, like vitamins E, D, and K.

Low Testosterone Promotes Abdominal Obesity in Aging Men

As men age, they become trapped in a vicious cycle of low testosterone and abdominal obesity. The latest research confirms that these two conditions reinforce each other, significantly increasing risk of diabetes, atherosclerosis, and cancer. Sadly, few conventional physicians test for this vital male hormone, despite compelling evidence of testosterone therapy’s power to burn off belly fat, thwart metabolic syndrome, and save men’s lives.

Critical Need to Control Fasting and After-Meal Glucose Levels

Life Extension® members have known for years that keeping a tight rein on fasting glucose levels is a cornerstone strategy for increasing healthy life span. Now, compelling new findings from an organization called Living the CR Way suggest that low fasting glucose favorably infl uences our longevity genes!


In The News

US obesity rate growing at alarming pace; long-term antioxidant supplementation improves arterial health; reduced vitamin D levels linked to cognitive decline; high antioxidant diet improves insulin sensitivity; and much more.

Wellness Profile

Wellness Profile: Dr. Daniel Amen

Dr. Daniel Amen, assistant clinical professor of psychiatry and human behavior at the University of California–Irvine School of Medicine, discusses how an integrative approach can optimize cognitive performance in aging individuals.


Calorie Restriction Can Be Easy!

Now, compelling new fi ndings from an organization called Living the CR Way suggest that low fasting glucose favorably infl uences our longevity genes!

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