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Suzanne Somers’s New Mission to Lift the Veil of Scientific Ignorance

February 2011

Suzanne Somers’s New Mission to Lift the Veil of Scientific Ignorance

What will it take for the public to understand that the diseases of aging can be postponed or prevented altogether?

For 31 years, we at Life Extension® have published solid scientific data documenting that healthy lifestyle choices can slash disease risk.

Yet as we begin year 2011, two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese. Their youth is being robbed by an epidemic of metabolic syndrome and diabetes that sharply increases incidences of cancer, vascular occlusion, arthritis, dementia, and virtually every other age-related disorder.

Membership in the Life Extension Foundation is at an all-time high, but we reach only a minute fraction of the American population. The vast majority of individuals today wallow in a state of ignorance about what they should be doing to protect their vital health.

While we at Life Extension can point to our extensive track record of scientific achievements, the public remains largely unimpressed. When a famous celebrity, however, appears on national television to espouse many of these same anti-aging strategies, the average person stops to notice.

There is something in the human psyche that prompts people to emulate what celebrities do - whether it’s good or bad.

In the case of Suzanne Somers, she has turned her life around by removing toxic compounds from her environment, eating organic foods, meticulously keeping her hormones in natural balance, having her blood regularly tested, and taking the appropriate supplements.

Suzanne is by no means the only prominent personality doing this. After all, Hollywood has long emphasized youthful appearances - and those involved in show business are perhaps the earliest examples of humans taking aggressive steps to thwart degenerative changes both inward and outward.

What differentiates Suzanne from our many other celebrity members is that she shouts from the rooftops the many virtues she has attained by following a meticulous science-based youth restoration program.

In her latest book titled Sexy Forever, Suzanne reveals to the public much of the data that Life Extension members view as commonsense approaches to protect against age-related illness.

What impresses us is the ability of Suzanne Somers to appear in the national media and enlighten the world as to how humans can successfully intervene into pathological aging processes. By lifting the veil of scientific ignorance, Suzanne can singlehandedly educate the public about proven methods to avoid diseases that needlessly cripple and kill millions of Americans each year.

The following is an excerpt from the chapter titled Supplement to Speed Weight Loss in Sexy Forever.

Supplement to Speed Weight Loss

Supplement to Speed Weight Loss

Experts Weigh In: A Brief Interview with Cristiana Paul

Cristiana Paul, MS, is an independent nutrition consultant in the Los Angeles area and my personal nutritionist. She is an avid reviewer of nutrition research and educates doctors and patients on nutritional therapies and assessments for optimal health. She is also a contributor to the fourth edition of The Textbook of Natural Medicine. Nutrition is the fuel our bodies need to operate. With inferior nutrition our health suffers and we are set up for disease. I asked her how we can stay healthy (and consequently thin) in our toxic environment.

Christiana Paul: For our bodies to function optimally and efficiently we need to consume a diet balanced with the right amounts of protein, good fat, unrefined carbohydrates, and lots and lots of various forms of fiber (soluble and insoluble). All these aspects are important to maximize fat burning and support body renewal and function. Most of us need to supplement because we do not get enough nutrients due to poor diet and the deficiency of our soils. The most important supplements are vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids, but a few others also play important roles. Relative to weight control, here are some good examples of supplements that may be useful because they are very involved in fat and carbohydrate burning:


This supplement helps fat transport in the mitochondria, where it has a chance to be burned. Carnitine is mostly found in red meat, which many people avoid, and it is also synthesized in the body, but sometimes not enough to support optimal fat burning. A urine test can tell us if we need to supplement. Typical doses are 500 to 1,000 mg/day. It may be especially helpful when taken an hour or two prior to exercise.

Lipoic Acid

This plays a role in blood glucose control. If you have elevated or highly fluctuating glucose levels (such as in hypoglycemia) you may consider supplementing with 100 to 1,200 mg (based on a doctor’s or nutritionist’s evaluation). The bottom line is that lipoic acid will help you burn glucose more efficiently, and in that sense it helps with weight control.


There is a blood test for coenzyme Q10 that tells us if we need to supplement. If you take a statin or red yeast rice, the body’s production of CoQ10 is impaired, so you need to supplement even more. CoQ10 is a key factor in energy production and helps us burn fats and carbs more efficiently. In fact, it was shown to help normalize elevated blood glucose in some cases. It also supports heart health and protects the brain. Typical doses are 30 to 100 mg.

Most people are not aware that correcting nutritional deficiencies with a good multivitamin/multimineral and omega-3 supplement will make them much more efficient at burning fat, sugar, and carbohydrates and will also reduce cravings. Blood and urine testing can help a physician analyze each person’s needs for supplementation. At the very minimum you want to take a basic multivitamin/multimineral in a formula that has good absorbable ingredients and no unwanted contaminants. You also want the nutrients to be in a form that they occur in nature if they are available—for example, natural folate (not folic acid), natural mixed tocopherols for vitamin E (not just alpha-tocopherol), natural mixed carotenoids (not just beta-carotene), natural vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin or adenosylcobalamin, not cyanocobalamin or hydroxycobalamin), and chelated minerals.

Most people need to supplement with omega-3 fats because their diets provide an excess of omega-6 fats (from cooking oils and animal fats), and it’s important to choose fish oil, flaxseed oil, or algae (for vegetarians) that are clean of environmental contaminants (mercury, PCBs) and oxidized fats. Frankly, it is a good idea to ask for a certificate of analysis from the manufacturer for everything you take.

Extracts from green tea were shown in studies to help boost weight loss. It probably does this through a few complementary actions: it boosts the metabolic rate (an increase of 4 percent per twenty-four hours when taking an extract of 370 mg EGCG per day) and it keeps adrenaline elevated longer than normal (which helps fat release from body stores and may reduce hunger). More sustained adrenaline levels may help a person feel more energetic, and he or she may be more likely to exercise or do something physical. For a person with excess adrenaline production (or who has a difficult time breaking it down, such as those with COMT mutations) green tea may increase adrenaline levels to an unhealthy range. On the other hand, for people who are tired all the time because their adrenal glands do not produce adequate amounts of adrenaline, green tea may be helpful. You can drink it or take extracts that contain the equivalent of 2 to 3 cups of green tea in a pill (for example 500 mg EGCG).

Supplement to Speed Weight Loss

Also, keep in mind that the body needs tyrosine (an amino acid found in proteins) to make adrenaline. Supplementing with tyrosine (1 to 2 g/day) may boost production of adrenaline and work synergistically with green tea. Too much adrenaline at night is not good, so it’s important to make sure that supplements are not affecting your sleep quality. Poor sleep leads to weight gain and health problems, and this effect can be increased by the addition of coffee.

Fiber is important, so try to get 35 to 50 g of fiber daily from both soluble and insoluble forms (read the label, it will tell you). Variety is important with fiber, and avoiding the artificial colors and sweeteners added to most commercial brands is also important. Fiber will keep you full longer and help you eat less. It slows down the absorption of sugar, thus reducing insulin production in response to meals. Keep in mind that insulin influences the fat cells to reduce the release of their fat content and also slows down certain fat-burning enzymes. This is not because insulin is an evil hormone but because it is supposed to signal that the body has plenty of glucose, telling it: “Burn the glucose first and save the fat from body storages for later.” So you see, if you eat excess carbohydrates and sugar all day long, you impair your ability to tap into your fat stores.

Fiber also reduces fat and cholesterol and sugar absorption, and it may lower blood levels of cholesterol and triglycerides. Fiber helps detoxify, supports regular bowel movements, and reduces risks of many cancers. I cannot speak enough about the fiber benefits for weight control and health.

Suzanne Somers: I have been looking for supplements from nature that can speed up and enhance your ability to lose weight. With the help of top bioscientists, I’ve discovered a supplement that does just that. This is a science-based product and when I read about the incredible results, all from natural ingredients, I knew I had to make the results available to everyone.

The Sexy Forever Weight Loss Formula includes:

  1. LuraLean®
  2. Phaseolus vulgaris
  3. Irvingia
  4. Green tea phytosome