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Reversing Immune Senescence

By William Faloon

William Faloon
William Faloon

Dear Member,

As we age, there is a marked decline in immune factors needed to protect against malignancy and infection.

This immune deficit can be seen in the reactivation of the virus that causes painful shingles outbreaks in people over 45 years old.

A more insidious impact of this immune deficiency is higher rates of cancer, pneumonia, and influenza. In the elderly, even vaccinations can fail because of lack of ability to generate a youthful antibody response.

A review of scientific studies on Reishi reveal it possesses bioactive molecules that facilitate age-reversal benefits on the senescent immune system. This explains the ability of Reishi to enhance longevity by protecting against disorders associated with weakened immunity.

What impressed us most was a recent 3-year study of healthy middle-aged mice. Compared to controls, the Reishi-supplemented group lived much longer—an increase measured in human terms would add up to more than 7 years.

Just a small amount each day of standardized Reishi extract is all humans need to emulate this remarkable study. The first article in this special edition of Life Extension Magazine® describes recent findings that demonstrate unique longevity-enhancing properties of Reishi extract.

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William Faloon 

William Faloon