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Governor Chris Christie's Surprise Gastric Bypass Has Americans Talking about Health: What Are Less Drastic Ways to Stay Lean and Prevent Cardio Risks?



Author and Top Nutritionist Keri Glassman Weighs In with Five Easy Tips to Protect your Heart PASADENA, Texas, May 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The revelation this week by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie that he underwent gastric bypass surgery earlier this year has many Americans talking about the importance of proper nutrition and its impact on cardio health and weight management. While the water cooler buzz has congratulated Mr. Christie for taking a strong step toward better weight control, the lap band procedure is still drastic - and news of his surgery has shined a light on the role of better eating habits, exercise and taking the right supplements, if needed, to prevent cardio risks before they reach a crisis point. The question for many Americans: "What should I be doing on a daily basis to support my heart and cardio-vascular system?"

Nationally recognized nutrition expert and published author Keri Glassman ("The O2 Diet" and most recently, "The New You and Improved Diet") serves up five easy-to-follow tips to help Americans maintain their heart health. Nutrition and supplement in-take (when diet alone isn't enough) are linked to maintaining cardio health and longevity - and simple protocols can be adopted, without too much effort, to ensure that your ticker stays in optimal shape:

-- Eat Heart Healthy Foods: Select a high-fiber, low sodium diet, avoiding

processed foods and ultra-unhealthy "trans fats." Shift instead to

fruits, veggies, and healthy fats (seeds, nuts, avocado, olive oil, flax

and fish).

-- Choose Smart Supplements: Omega-3 sources like sardines have long been

recognized as cardio health super nutrients. Now, exciting new research

has also uncovered the essential role of Ubiquinol in heart health.

Ubiquinol is the pre-converted, active form of CoQ10, and it is found to

promote and maintain cardiovascular health. CoQ10 is found in eggs,

beef, fish, raw vegetables like spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, and

unprocessed grains. A key energy releasing enzyme, Ubiquinol is in its

highest concentrations in the heart, but Ubiquinol levels diminish with

age making it an essential supplement for those over 40. Lower levels of

this important antioxidant make cells more vulnerable to damage and

resulting heart disease. Taking a daily Ubiquinol supplement, sold

alongside regular CoQ10, can provide essential support for cardio


-- Lose Just 10 Pounds to Kick Start Better Health

Many of us want to seriously slim down - to the tune of 30 plus pounds.

That's essential for anyone seriously overweight, but even a reduction

of 10 pounds can decrease cholesterol levels, blood pressure, the risk

of heart attack, and even reduce the need for some medications. Simple

aerobic exercises - such as taking the stairs, going for a five minute

walk around the block, or standing up during commercial breaks or while

waiting at a doctor's office (which can burn 32 percent more calories

than sitting) - are a good place to start.

-- Snack wisely

Healthy snacking is acceptable because it decreases extreme hunger and

the urge to overeat large meals - but these "snacks" should consist of

real food. A slice of turkey wrapped around asparagus or a hard-boiled

egg are great choices. Air popped popcorn is a "portable" snack


-- Know your Heart Health 411

Make a commitment to assessing your personal heart health. Determine if

you are at risk for cardiovascular disease through a lab work-up and

evaluation that includes your cholesterol information and blood pressure

reading. Dig into your family's past to determine if there is a history

of heart disease and talk with your doctor about what that means.

Evaluate your alcohol consumption - and, most importantly, quit smoking. Heart disease is a leading killer in the U.S. (number one among women) in large part thanks to our high fat cuisine and lack of exercise as a nation. By following easy steps regarding diet, taking supplements when diet alone can't do the trick, and regular exercise, we can all give our heart the love and attention it deserves.

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