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A new report has forecast that the number of people in the U.K. who will get cancer during their lifetime will increase to nearly half the population by 2020. Experts at Macmillan Cancer Support used data on cancer incidence, cancer mortality and deaths from all causes from across the U.K. to come up with the projected figure of 47 per cent. However, the charity also found that many more people were surviving cancer compared to 20 years ago. The organisation is worried the figure will put huge pressure on the National Health Service, and the charity's chief medical officer Professor Jane Maher says, "Many patients can be left with physical health and emotional problems long after treatment has ended. People struggle with fatigue, pain, immobility, or an array of other troublesome side-effects. We need to manage these consequences for the sake of the patient, but also for the sake of the taxpayer. We should plan to have more services to help people stay well at home, rather than waiting until they need hospital treatment."

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