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Hope 4 Cancer Patient Declares Five Years in Remission from Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer



SAN DIEGO, Aug. 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- "Five years ago, I beat the odds. Today I have become an anomaly," says Trina H., a Hope 4 Cancer patient. "I walked away from ovarian cancer ... on my terms."

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As a nutritional consultant, Trina would come across many cancer patients. She would invariably refer them to a clinic in Baja California (Mexico), the Hope4Cancer Institute, led by its Medical Director, Dr. Antonio Jimenez. Prophetically, she once told him that if she was ever diagnosed with cancer, she would call him immediately. The day came in 2008, when tests revealed she had stage 4 ovarian cancer.

According to the American Cancer Society, only 18 percent of stage 4 ovarian cancer patients survive more than 5 years, their lives disrupted by the side effects from chemo and radiation. Despite endless research, the mortality rate has not improved over the last 40 years since the "War on Cancer" was declared. In the USA alone, over 22 thousand cases of ovarian cancer are expected to be reported in 2013, accompanied by over 14 thousand deaths. Similar grim statistics compel thousands of Americans diagnosed with cancer to gravitate to Mexico every year seeking alternative, non-toxic cancer treatment opportunities.

Trina made that fateful phone call to Dr. Jimenez, and he immediately got to work. Given the size of her melon-sized tumor, he first recommended a debulking surgery to allow a better chance for his therapies to work. Trina's Hope4Cancer whole body treatment protocol included many treatments and featured Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy, a treatment modality for which Dr. Jimenez is recognized as one of three global pioneers.

"I began the Sono-Photo treatments and during the first few weeks watched my CA-125 plummet," says Trina. "All of my doctors were monitoring my lab reports and CT scans and with each report, the news was better and better. Soon the cancer was completely gone."

Five years later, Trina's life as an "anomaly" continues. She is cancer-free, living a great quality of life. Trina says, "I am staying on the Hope4Cancer maintenance program, and continue to enjoy good health." To those who remain skeptical, she says, "I am living proof that there are natural treatments out there that really work!"

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SOURCE Hope4Cancer Institute

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