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40% sleep apnea patients are youth

DNA : Daily News & Analysis (India)


"A pattern of disturbed sleep among the teenagers could be an early warning of the problems to come, say city physicists. A major increase of 40 per cent has been recorded in the people suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), most of them are teenagers. 

"About forty per cent of patients whom I have diagnosed with sleep disorders (OSA) are below the age of forty and are majorly teenagers," said Dr Salil Bhargava, a city-based chest physicist.

The disorder starts with partial obstruction of sleep which gradually leads to snoring. The snores become more intense after this and the person finally slips into Sleep Apnea. It is a condition where breathing is interrupted by a physical block in airflow despite respiratory efforts.

OSA is a life-threatening condition in which the body does not get sufficient Oxygen and simultaneously the Carbon Di-oxide that has to be exhaled remains in body for longer period.

The brain remains active during sleep and most of the oxygen which we consume during night is utilised by it. The brain is mostly affected due to this condition, says Dr Pramod Jhawar.

People who are obese are most likely to be affected with OSA. The stomach pushes diaphragm upwards obstructing lungs to expand, resulting in reduced oxygen intake in such people. Some anomalies such as abnormal shape of mouth and jaw, compact ribs etc which lead to this disease are present in affected people since birth.

Why Children?

Children mostly eat junk food these days and do not indulge in any physical activity, which leads to obesity. Some anomalies in children since their birth also can be a contributing factor in obstructive sleep. The kids may get affected by Hypoxia - reduced oxygen supply to brain, which can affect the normal development. The kid in such cases fails to live quality life""Alcohol, a contributing factor

A lcohol develops laxity in throat muscles, the muscles collapse during sleep and obstructs normal flow of air into lungs. Obstruction in sleep hinders the quality of life one can enjoy and then it gets associated with hypertension, diabetes, brain-stroke and heart ailments""The way out

Adapt to healthy and active life style.

Get the disease diagnosed at an early stage; get your sleep pattern tested.

CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) mask helps unblocking air block during sleep.

Surgeries are available for reconstructing jaw structure


Credit:dna correspondent

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