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FDA Seeks Expensive Video Brochures to Implement Anti-Smoking Law

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The Food and Drug Administration is soliciting information and comment on brochure technology it's exploring as part of its mandate to implement the Tobacco Control Act, a law signed by President Obama during his first year in office. 

Specifically, the FDA is looking to looking to acquire 3,000 so-called "Video in Print" devices where video is displayed inside a brochure. One producer of the product calls it "radical new technology where print meets video," billing it as "one the most exclusive and innovative promotional products in the world."  


Sound expensive? It can be., a trade website, reveals that most devices are made in China and vary in cost from $5 to $25 per unit, depending on the number ordered. 


The FDA wants to use the nifty new technology to "provide targeted compliance training and education to tobacco retailers and other regulated industry on violations frequently observed during inspections in an attempt to achieve prompt, voluntary compliance with the law and regulations." 


Astonishingly, the FDA asks respondents to "Describe your company's environmental sustainability efforts and practices" and to "describe how environmentally sustainable products and practices could be integrated in the FDA's requirement." 


Apparently, more sustainable options to disseminate this information -- like YouTube, USB sticks, CDs, DVDS, or traditional paper -- aren't of interest to the FDA.  

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