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Dietary fiber slows growth of cancer cells

Daily Patriot (Pakistan)


Dietary fiber not only fills human up and supports the digestive process, but is also an effective weapon in the treatment of malignant brain tumours, said the scientists at the Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU).

The research published the results in the professional journal "Cancer Medicine, have shown that the fibres are not only substitutes for carbohydrates in this diet, but also have useful therapeutic effects.

Thanks to the fiber, the tumour cells grow more slowly and are less malignant, according to the research results.

The FAU researchers found out, especially biochanine, a subgroup of dietary fiber, has an effective act on malignant brain tumours.

This plant material alleviates menopausal symptoms without causing major side effects in the patients, so it makes biochanine particularly attractive for cancer therapy, said the FAU researchers.

Biochanine can be found in large quantities, particularly in       chickpeas, soybeans and red clover.

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