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United States : YALE UNIVERSITY develops novel cancer immunotherapy

TendersInfo (India)


Researchers at Yale University have created a new cancer immunotherapy that quickly grows and improves a patient's immune cells outside the body through the use of carbon nanotube-polymer composites.

The immune cells can then be injected back into a patient's blood to enhance the immune response or combat cancer.

According to the report on Aug. 3 in Nature Nanotechnology, the scientist used bundled carbon nanotubes (CNTs) for incubating cytotoxic T cells, a type of white blood cell that is key to immune system functions.

Th researchers say the CNTs' topography boosts interactions between cells and long-term cultures, offering a fast and effective stimulation of the cytotoxic T cells that are key to eradicate cancer.

An associate professor of biomedical engineering and the study's main investigator, Tarek Fahmy, said : "In repressing the body s immune response, tumors are like a castle with a moat around it. Our method recruits significantly more cells to the battle and arms them to become superkillers."

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