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Balding and Hair Loss


Several factors lead to hair loss in men and women, most notably androgenic alopecia, an inherited condition. Treatment is available. Early treatment produces better results. Balding is a cosmetic condition, usually resulting from genetic influences, aging, skin conditions, or certain medications. The most common forms of balding are male and female pattern balding. Baldness has no cure. Oral prescription drugs (e.g., Propecia® and Proscar®) and over-the-counter preparations (e.g., minoxidil) have benefits. Most hair-growth drugs prevent hair loss better than they re-grow hair. Taking aggressive steps today helps maintain healthy hair.

Hair loss has many causes, including aging, genetic predisposition, thyroid imbalance, eating disorders, illness, hormonal effects of birth control pills, pregnancy, menopause, as well as certain medications and medical treatments. There is no single "cure" for baldness. A product that is effective for one individual may provide only limited results for another. Combining traditional treatments with nutritional supplements and natural topical solutions improves chances of inhibiting pattern hair loss.