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  • Shark Liver Oil
  • 1000 mg, 30 softgels
  • Item Catalog Number: 00284

Research has shed additional light on the multi-faceted benefits of alkylglycerols (AKG), glycerol ether lipids from shark liver oil.201-204 Alkylglycerols stimulate the production of white blood cells (leukocytes) to normal levels and encourage the growth of antibodies.205-209

Alkylglycerols are beneficial because they are known to increase production of certain cytokines.202 As a natural bacteria fighter, alkylglycerols are able to support the helper T-cells, which are highly sensitized to the bacteria-infected macrophage, thus enabling the body to regulate the bacteria.

This Shark Liver Oil is processed from the livers of sharks found in the waters off the coast of Norway. Each softgel is standardized to provide 200 mg of alkylglycerols and can be taken for up to 30 days.202



Supplement Facts

Serving Size 1 softgel

Amount Per Serving

Highly refined shark liver oil (from Dogfish shark) (providing 200 mg alkylglycerols)

1000 mg

Other ingredients: gelatin, glycerin, purified water.

Dosage and Use
  • Take one (1) softgel daily with food, or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner.

At no time should the maximum recommended dose be exceeded. Do not take shark liver oil for more than 30 days because it may cause the overproduction of blood platelets. In case of chronic use, over 30 days straight, a possible, albeit rare, side effect known as thrombocythemia (excess thrombocytes) can occur, leading to a tendency for the blood to clot. This condition is easily diagnosed with a blood test. Consult with your physician if thrombocythemia is a consideration.