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You might not know it, but certain areas in your home and work have powerful electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that can inflict severe damage to cellular DNA. Protect yourself against this invisible radiation by testing areas that you frequent with a gauss meter, a device that measures the strength of EMFs. Once you identify where EMF radiation hotspots are, simply avoid these areas.

The accuracy of a gauss meter is easy to test. Just turn on your gauss meter and progressively walk toward a television set or any operating electrical device. You will see an immediate and consistent increase in the EMF measurement as you get closer to electrical devices, electrical wiring hotspots, and other surprising areas of your environment.

Many people are unknowingly surrounded by powerful EMFs while they sleep. Their bed might be too close to an electric alarm clock, or they could be hit with EMFs that pass through the wall from a television set in the adjoining room. The solution is as easy as moving the alarm clock six inches further away from your head, or rearranging your bedroom furniture.

A gauss meter often reveals surprises, such as the high EMF emissions from electric toothbrushes, shavers, microwave ovens, photocopy machines, cordless phones, and high-intensity electrical wiring. Once you know where the EMF hotspots are, just stay at a safe distance when the appliances are on. When using a regular corded or cordless phone, be sure to use the speakerphone option to avoid unnecessary exposure to EMFs.

The Cell Sensor™ is a handheld gauss meter that instantly measures EMFs from all sources. The CellSensor™ is the only gauss meter on the market that can measure both cell phone radiation and electromagnetic fields (EMFs).


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