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Aloelife® (Cherry Berry)

32 fl oz (1 quart) : Aloe Life
Item# 12893

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  • Aloelife® (Cherry Berry)
  • 32 fl oz (1 quart) : Aloe Life
  • Item Catalog Number: 12893

AloeLife® is the highest quality nutritious concentrated juice harvested from the Whole Leaf of the Barbadensis Miller Aloe Vera plant. Grown in the Rio Grand Valley of North America and processed within 3-6 hours in Texas, the freshness and quality cannot be equaled by any other juice produced locally or imported into the United States. The potency and freshness provides up to 20 times more active ingredients than other aloe products. You can taste the difference. Just one to eight ounces daily of the concentrate will provide health support as desired. Daily cost is minimized compared to drinking large quantities of other low potency aloe juices. Made with Certified Organic Aloe Vera. Certification Number: 103857-A. Pesticide and Herbicide Free.

AloeLife® juices are extracted with a biological certified process called Active Aloe. This process prevents degrading of the bonds of polysaccharide chains in the carbohydrates needed to Support Healing and Immune Function. AloeLife® guarantees our juices to contain these valuable 50,000 to 100,000 Dalton size (intact) polysaccharide chains along with natural occurring vitamins, minerals, enzymes and 8 essential amino acids that build digestive enzymes and antibodies in every bottle. Also added Azteca Trace Minerals from sea water safely support digestion, energy and optimum health.


Supplement Facts

Serving Size 1 oz.

Servings Per Container 32

Amount Per Serving




4.1 gm


.04 mg


.02 mg


<1 mg

Ingredients of Proprietary Formula: (active aloe) whole leaf aloe vera juice concentrate 92.5%, azteca trace minerals (F 1:10), natural cherry and cranberry juice (F 1:20), citric acid, potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate (food grade preservatives).

Contains allowable amounts of the valuable Anthraquinone Complex: aloin & aloe emodin (4 ppm). No sulfites or water added.

Dosage and Use
  • Take one oz. (2 tbs) before a meal is best or anytime as desired, 1-3 times daily.
  • May drink undiluted or mix in a small amount of water or cool beverage.
  • Bowel sensitive, children or ill individuals: take one tsp. before meals and build up to the desired amount. If diarrhea results reduce daily amount.
  • Best results when consumed within 30-60 days.


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