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Black Cohosh Meno-Relief™

60 tablets : Rainbow Light
Item# 13725

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  • Black Cohosh Meno-Relief™
  • 60 tablets : Rainbow Light
  • Item Catalog Number: 13725

Rainbow Light's scientifically advanced Black Cohosh Meno-Relief 1650™ formula is designed to naturally and effectively promote hormonal balance in women. It delivers:

  • Comprehensive Relief - with black cohosh, to help reduce the severity of hot flashes, and vitex, to promote hormonal balance in women; both herbs encourage a positive mood. Red clover and kudzu support the action of the formula by delivering a range of phytoestrogenic isoflavones, while digestive herbs promote absorption.
  • Targeted, Therapeutic Potency - with 1,650 mg of herbal powder equivalent per tablet, featuring standardized, whole plant extracts, including vitex and the research-backed potencies of black cohosh and isoflavones from kudzu. Standardized herbs are tested to guarantee a consistent amount of active constituents.
  • Natural, Solvent-Free Extracts - unlike most standardized herbs extracted with harsh chemical solvents that can leave residues, Rainbow Light's herbs are naturally extracted using alcohol or water, ensuring superior purity.


Supplement Facts

Serving Size 1 tablet

Servings Per Container 60

Amount Per Serving

Black Cohosh [root]

200 mg 

Triterpene Glycosides

2 mg

Vitex (Chaste Tree) [berry] 2:1 Extract

200 mg 

(equivalent to 400 mg of herbal powder)


Kudzu [root] 4:1 Extract

100 mg 

(equivalent to 400 mg of herbal powder)



40 mg

Alfalfa [leaf] 4:1 Herbal Extract

50 mg

(equivalent to 200 mg of herbal powder)


Vitex (Chaste Tree) [berry] powder

250 mg 

Red Clover [flower] powder

100 mg

Digestive Blend

100 mg

Citrus [peel]; Gentian [root]


Tangerine [peel] Oil

0.5 mg

English Lavender [flower] Oil

0.5 mg

Valerian [root] Oil

0.5 mg

Other ingredients: (natural mineral or vegetable source): cellulose, vegetable stearnine, modified cellulose, dextitrin, dextrose, soy lecithin, carboxy methyl cellulose, sodium citrate.

Dosage and Use
  • Take one tablet 1 - 4 times daily, or as directed by your health care practitioner.

If pregnant, nursing or taking prescription medication, please consult your health care practitioner before using this product.