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The Ultimate Meal®

1200 g 30 meals : The Ultimate Life
Item# 14063

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  • The Ultimate Meal®
  • 1200 g 30 meals : The Ultimate Life
  • Item Catalog Number: 14063

The optimum source of nourishment for the human body comes in preferably: raw, wildcrafted or organic, properly sprouted, fresh freeze dried, and /or kosher plant superfoods that have their enzymes and nutrients intact as nature intended, as well as natural, potent anti-oxidants and optimum amounts.

The Ultimate Meal®is the most potent and efficient "meal" available anywhere at any price. The Ultimate Meal® has every nutrient necessary for optimum health.


Supplement Facts

Serving Size 1/3 cup (40 g)

Servings Per Container 30

Amount Per Serving




16 g


20 g


8 g


4 g


95 mg


175 mg


300 mg


175 mg


5,000 IU

Vitamin B12

15 mcg

Folic Acid

125 mcg


4 mg


300 mg

Omega 3

770 mg

Omega 6

350 mg

The Ultimate Quinoa® (exclusively in "The Meal")


The Ultimate Millet® (exclusively in "The Meal)


Brown Rice Protein 76% Concentrate


Yellow Pea Protein 82% Isolate


Certified Organic, Raw, Milled, Golden Flax Seed


Certified Organic Spirulina

2,000 mg

De-Oiled Plant Lecithin

1,500 mg

The Ultimate Broccoli® (exclusively in "The Meal")

500 mg

(certified organic, properly sprouted and fresh




Vitamin C (fully reacted and buffered with calcium)

500 mg

Wildcrafted Fresh Freeze-Dried Horsetail Herb

400 mg

Natural Vitamin E Succinate

300 IU

Calcium (Malate and Citrate)

250 mg

Citrus Bioflavonoid Complex 50%

200 mg

Magnesium (Citrate)

125 mg

Wildcrafted Fresh Freeze-Dried Nettles

100 mg

Opti-Pure® Co-Enzyme Q10

20 mg

Opti-Pure® Ginkgo Biloba Extract 24-6%

20 mg

Opti-Pure® Grape Seed Extract

20 mg

Opti-Pure® Alpha Lipoic Acid 95%

20 mg

Opti-Pure® Caffeine-Free Green Tea Extract

20 mg

Emed-MT® Milk Thistle Extract 80%

20 mg

L-OptiZinc® (Natural Zinc Monomethionine)

5 mg

ChromeMate® (Chromium Polynicotinate)

100 mcg

Yeast-Free Selenium (Selenocysteine)

100 mcg

Other ingredients: none.

Free of maltodextrin, yeast-based vitamins & minerals, soy protein, MSG, salt, wheat, corn, yeast, egg, whey, dairy products, sugar, honey, fructose, caffeine & ginseng, as well as artificial preservatives, flavors, coloring, fillers & animal products.

Certified organic ingredients grown and processed according to California Organic Foods Act of 1990.

Dosage and Use
  • At least two servings daily.
  • Perfect for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner. Also ideal 2 hours before and 15 minutes after exercising.
  • When taken once daily: two servings of The Ultimate Meal® (2/3 cup = 80 g = 140cc).
  • If taken twice daily: one serving (1/3 cup = 40 g = 70cc).
  • Please be sure to chew each mouthful and drink slowly within 15 minutes.