3 mg 100 capsules: Twinlab, Item# 24461

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  • Tri-Boron®
  • 3 mg 100 capsules: Twinlab
  • Item Catalog Number: 24461

Boron aids the body in retaining calcium in the bones, which is especially important for postmenopausal women. Boron also has an anabolic effect and is used by bodybuilders. Tri-boron is a unique synergistic combination of the three highly utilizable, 100% natural citrate, aspartate and glycinate chelates.

No tablet binders, coatings or colorings. Free of corn, soy, yeast, wheat, milk and egg products. No added flavorings, sugars, salt, artificial sweeteners, colorings or preservatives.

Packaged in a glass bottle for maximum stability, quality and freshness.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size 1 capsule

Servings Per Container 100

Amount Per Serving

Boron (from boron citrate, glycinate, aspartate)

3 mg

Other ingredients: potato starch, gelatin, purified water, magnesium stearate, MCT.

Dosage and Use

One capsule daily is recommended for healthy people.

This product is most effectively utilized when taken with meals.