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  • The Life Extension Revolution (paperback)
  • by Phillip Lee Miller MD with Monica Reinagel
  • Item Catalog Number: 33696

As technologically advanced as we are, why hasn't conventional medicine been able to cure many of today's diseases? Because many scientific findings never make it into mainstream medicine, the result is that millions suffer and die while proven therapies exist. The good news is that a leading anti-aging physician and the renowned Life Extension Foundation are revolutionizing medicine by combining modern medical discoveries and novel natural therapies. Now, reaching 40 no longer means inevitable weight gain, joint pain, and cognitive decline. In the not-so-distant future, diseases will be cured, and the human life span will be measured in centuries rather than decades.

Experience The Life Extension Revolution

This groundbreaking book uses cutting-edge anti-aging advances for a practical program that will maximize your chances of living not only a long life - but a healthy, vibrant life. Drawing on his own clinical experience as well as the latest research from the Life Extension Foundation, Dr. Miller demystifies the aging process and provides you with:

  • Detailed strategies integrating the most advanced mainstream therapies with nutrients, hormones, and holistic approaches from around the world.
  • How to prevent cancer, heart disease, arthritis, and Alzheimer's by controlling inflammation and oxidation - two degenerative processes that cause us to age prematurely and have been linked to disease.
  • A guide to individualizing this lifesaving program, including specific dietary and supplement suggestions, plus how to use medical tests to monitor your progress.
  • A powerful vision of what your future will be like without disease, premature death, and aging, and novel strategies to help you get there.

This comprehensive anti-aging program will change your life forever. Diseases and conditions you once feared will hardly be a passing thought. Like many of Dr. Miller's patients, your physical and mental health will soar as you age chronologically. Your new life begins now as you embark on the Life Extension Revolution.

About the Authors

Phillip Lee Miller, M.D., is the founder and Medical Director of the Los Gatos Longevity Institute. A practicing clinician for more than 30 years, he is a Diplomate of the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine and serves on the Medical Advisory Board of the Life Extension Foundation.

Monica Reinagel is a writer specializing in nutrition and holistic medicine. She has served as Editorial Director of the Health Sciences Institute and as Managing Editor for the American Academy of Environmental Medicine's Medical Digest.


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