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As tens of millions of baby boomers advance toward their golden years, there is a great deal of interest in medical science and strategies to remain youthful and free of disease.  In Part I of Your Blood Doesn't Lie, you will learn about Drs Dzugan and Rozakis' Restorative Medicine Program.  Detailed scientific information on the basic elements of the program involving the use of bioidentical hormones, nutrients, vitamins and supplements will be presented.  Part II explores in detail many of the conditions that respond to hormone restoration treatment, such as heart disease, high cholesterol, migraine, menopause, gastrointestinal disorders, erectile dysfunction, rheumatoid conditions, cancer, macular degeneration, and psychological disorders.  The use of hormones that are bioidentical to those manufactured by the body is the cornerstone of the Restorative Medicine Program explored in this book. 

From the back cover: 

"This book is the first of its kind because it unifies the philosophy of what is loosely called antiaging medicine, alternative medicine, holistic medicine, and bioidentical hormone medicine. It unifies these fields under one principle, which we call the Dzugan Principle. This principle states that many diseases are merely different manifestations of errors of hormones and body chemistry. The future of wellness will be the identification and reversal of these errors. In this book we review the science and the many diseases that stem from such errors. This book is not anti-drug but it does strongly argue that the first step in health is the optimization of body chemistry through bio-identical hormones, vitamins, and other nutritional and natural supplements. When that optimization is achieved, the list of symptoms that improve is staggering.

I met Dr. Sergey Dzugan at an antiaging conference that I attended out of curiosity, and immediately realized that here was a man who has an extraordinary depth of knowledge in human physiology and its optimization. As we worked together over the years successfully treating conditions like menopause, migraine, erectile dysfunction, fatigue and many others, it dawned on me that what we were doing for the human body also pertained to the eye - and so was born our article connecting macular degeneration to bioidentical hormones.

This idea that reversing acquired errors of physiology can help so many different conditions led to this realization that many diseases which we think of as different are actually all the same. It is with great pleasure that I introduce the Dzugan Principle. This book is destined to change Medicine forever."
--George W. Rozakis, MD


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