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The CR Way to Great Glucose Control: CD

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  • The CR Way to Great Glucose Control: CD
  • Item Catalog Number: 33840

Welcome to The Cr Way® To Great Glucose Control!  

By Paul McGlothin and Meredith Averill

Most likely you are here because you don’t want high blood glucose to shorten your life. Then please listen carefully:

Studies indicate that fasting glucose above 80 mg/dL is not optimal. As your fasting glucose increases, your risk for heart disease, cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s also rises. And so does your risk for mortality.

Watch this free introduction to The CR Way® to Great Glucose Control, 2016 to learn the fasting and post-meal blood glucose levels you should try for.  

We thank Life Extension® for the opportunity to let you know more about the essential role glucose control plays in preventing disease and extending life.

The CR Way® to Great Glucose Control features hands on live classes for people like you, who want to keep their blood glucose at optimal levels.

Since the Glucose Control course was introduced in 2009, hundreds of participants have benefited:

"...74 mg/dL this afternoon! I can't thank you enough. It's hard, but it feels so much better...and it's not as hard as going blind and developing neuropathy..." Ruth C., July 2016
"A big thank-you for this program...I got the results from my annual blood tests and my fasting glucose was a resounding 77, down from the high 90s for the last few years..." Lawrence B., May 2016
"...I continue to use the principles I learned from the CR Way, and my numbers are in the 70s for fasting glucose..."  Sandra W., August 2016

Your Benefits

Take advantage of the new, expanded CR Way® to Great Glucose Control:

  • Glucose control experts Paul McGlothin and Meredith Averill teach all classes — live!
  • Six live 30-minute teleconference classes — easy to work into your busy schedule.
  • Instructional videos, describing your steps to get great glucose control.
  • Five beautifully illustrated and regularly updated e-books with new recipes, food suggestions, and even ideas for improving your gut microbiome.


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