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120 grape chewables
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  • Moducare®
  • 120 grape chewables
  • Item Catalog Number: 35032

The immune system, your miraculous healing machine:
The human body contains a miraculous healing machine called the immune system. Made up of microscopic cells, the immune system identifies, attacks and destroys disease-causing invaders and abnormal or infected cells. The immune system is key to defending you from parasites bacteria and toxins. The immune system also plays a significant role in helping prevent or reduce the effects of various diseases and so much more.

Keeping it in balance:
A compromised immune system can hinder your body’s ability to guard against disease and toxins. Moducare® taken daily, will restore, strengthen and balance your immune system.

Your solution:
Moducare® is a patented blend of plant sterols and sterolins in a clinically proven ratio of 100:1 that works to restore, strengthen and balance your body’s immune system. Plant sterols and sterolins are natural substances found in all fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. These plant nutrients have many unique health benefits.

Unfortunately, we rarely get enough plant sterols and sterolins from our diets. The simplest way to get sufficient amounts of these very beneficial natural compounds is by taking Moducare®. Moducare® has been recognized as one of the most important phytonutrients for immune health. In fact, there are over 4,000 scientific and medical studies on these plant nutrients. By keeping your immune system strong and adopting healthy lifestyle habits, you and your family can enjoy vibrant health.


Supplement Facts

Serving Size 1 tablet

Amount Per Serving



Plant Sterols (from Maritime pine)

20 mg

Plant Sterolins (from Maritime pine)

0.2 mg

Other ingredients: xylitol, microcrystalline cellulose, natural grape flavor, inulin, silicon dioxide, citric acid, magnesium stearate and malic acid.

Free of dairy, gluten, animal derivatives, artificial colors or flavors or preservatives. Suitable for vegetarians.

Moducare® is a registered trademark of Rooperol (NA) NV.

Dosage and Use
  • Chew one tablet 3 times daily between meals.

Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.


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