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  • Sex Hormone Profile - EPT
  • Item Catalog Number: LC320736


This test is used to evaluate hormone levels. The following tests are included in this panel: Estradiol, Free Testosterone, and Progesterone.

  • Estradiol
    This test is used to assess hypothalamic and pituitary functions. In females it is used to evaluate menopausal status and sexual maturity. In males it is helpful in the assessment of gynecomastia or feminization syndromes.
  • Free Testosterone
    This test is used to evaluate hirsutism and masculinzation in women, and evaluate testicular function in clinical states in which the testosterone binding proteins may be altered (obesity, cirrhosis, thyroid disorders).
  • Progesterone
    In females this test is used to establish the presence of a functional corpeus luteum or luteal cell function, confirm body temperature for occurrence of ovulation, obtain indication of day of ovulation, evaluate the functional state of corpeus luteum in experiencing infertility, assess placental function during pregnancy, and evaluate ovarian function. In males this test is used to establish the presence of progesterone and 17-hydroxyprogesterone, considered weak androgens. Increased levels are found in congenital adrenal hyperplasia due to 21-hydroxylase, 17-hydroxylase, and 11- -hydroxylase deficiency. Levels are decreased in primary or secondary hypogonadism.
Special Note

Any type of contraceptives that contain hormones will invalidate hormone results.