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Amino Acid Profile

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  • Amino Acid Profile
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As the building blocks of proteins, amino acids play a vital role in metabolism, immune function and maintaining a healthy nervous system. An evaluation of your amino acid profile is a good indicator of your overall nutritional status.

This panel includes the following essential and non-essential amino acids.

Taurine Homocitrulline
Aspartate Cystathionine
Hydroxyproline Alloisoleucine
Threonine Isoleucine
Serine Leucine
Asparagine Tyrosine
Glutamate Phenylalanine
Glutamine Argininosuccinate
Sarcosine Beta-alanine
Alpha-aminoadipate Beta-aminoisobutyrate
Proline Homocystine
Glycine Gamma-aminobutyrate
Alanine Tryptophan
Citrulline Hydroxylysine
Alpha-aminobutyrate Ornithine
Valine Lysine
Cystine Histidine
Methionine Arginine

Sample Report

Take all medications as prescribed. This test can be done either fasting or non-fasting. In general, to assess effects of diet and supplements the test is best done non-fasting and often those adding supplements into their daily regimen have slightly high values as a result of supplementation. To remove the influence of recent food and supplement intake on the blood levels it is best to take the test fasting. Either way works, it is just important the medical reviewer knows if the results were fasting or non-fasting.

Note: This test should not be used to assess GABA levels from supplementation.


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