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Fast-Acting Liquid Melatonin

Natural Citrus-Vanilla Flavor

2 fl oz (59 mL)
Item# 01734

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  • Fast-Acting Liquid Melatonin
  • 2 fl oz (59 mL)
  • Item Catalog Number: 01734

The consequences of sleep deprivation go far beyond fatigue and diminished performance. Sleep deprivation can impact the immune system, the nervous system, memory and cognitive impairment, mood, and more.1 Ultimately, lack of sleep leads to an overall poor quality of life.

If you’re one of the more than 20 million Americans who suffer from occasional sleep problems,2 you don’t have to settle for frustrating nights of tossing and turning. A new, fast-acting liquid melatonin may enable you to take back control of your sleep.

Melatonin is well known for its ability to regulate your body’s internal clock. However, as you grow older, the secretion of melatonin declines significantly as the pineal gland becomes calcified.3,4 Fortunately, melatonin has been studied and shown to be effective for managing disturbances in circadian rhythms.5,6 A meta-analysis of 17 studies concluded that melatonin supplementation decreases the time it takes to fall asleep while increasing sleep efficiency and total sleep duration.7 In fact, melatonin has been shown to increase the speed of falling asleep—and the quality of sleep—in about 60% of people who use it.8,9

Decades of clinical research document that a good night’s rest supports nearly all systems of the body, including:

  • Skin health and youthful appearance10,11
  • Healthy collagen formation12
  • Insulin levels already within normal range13,14
  • Healthy body weight15,16
  • Glucose levels already within normal range17,18
  • Blood pressure already within normal range13,19
  • Healthy cell division20
  • Cardiovascular health21,22
  • A good mood23

Not all people benefit from melatonin when it’s in the form of a capsule or tablet. However, some report that by applying melatonin liquid drops under their tongue at bedtime for immediate absorption, they are able to sleep better. While any kind of liquid melatonin has been reported to work, Life Extension has developed melatonin liquid drops that are completely free of sugars. This new soothing Fast-Acting Liquid Melatonin has a great tasting natural citrus vanilla flavor and is quickly absorbed for a restful night’s sleep.

An increase in age doesn’t have to mean an increase in sleep problems. Consider making Liquid Melatonin a part of your healthy sleep program.

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Supplement Facts

Serving Size 1 mL

Servings Per Container about 59

Amount Per Serving


3 mg

Other ingredients: glycerin, purified water, citric acid, gum arabic, natural citrus and vanilla flavors, maltodextrin.


Dosage and Use
  • Take one (1) mL 30 to 60 minutes before bedtime, or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner.
  • 1 mL is equivalent to approximately 20 drops.

Consult your healthcare provider before taking this product if you are being treated for a medical condition (especially autoimmune or depressive disorders). Use caution if combining with alcohol. This product is not intended for children, pregnant or lactating women, or women trying to become pregnant. Do not attempt to drive or operate heavy machinery after taking this product.



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