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Interleukin-1 beta (IL-1b)

This test is used to identify elevated levels of Interleukin-1 beta. IL-1b is a cytokine produced principally by mononuclear phagocytes but also by various other cells types including keratinocytes, epithelium and cells of the CNS. Elevated levels of Interleukin-1 beta have been implicated in sepsis, cachexia, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic myelogenous leukemia, asthma, psoriasis, inflammatory bowel disease, anorexia, AIDS, and graft-versus-host disease associated with bone marrow transplants. IL-1B is one of the key mediators of immunobiological responses to physical stress, a pilot study showed that higher levels were associated with anxiety/panic disorder. Higher than normal levels have also been associated with a significant increased risk of myocardial infarction independent of Cardio-CRP levels.