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International Advocates for Health Freedom

You’re a natural body builder. You love that feeling of time standing still during a good pump, and the sound sleep you get after a great workout. Eating organic foods, meditating, doing yoga to stretch before and after a workout, drinking pure water and using the most cutting edge dietary supplements are an extremely important part of your life because they provide the edge necessary to live life to the fullest without being turned into an Alzheimer’s basket case in your golden years or a cancer statistic at ANY time of your life.

What if I told you that there is a stealth, global agenda driven by Big Pharma to take over and destroy the dietary supplement industry, including the American industry?

What if I told you the vitamin trade associations are being controlled by pharmaceutical interests, which have been effectively keeping them in the dark while leading them to a largely unseen cliff, a TRAP?


The UN’s Codex Alimentarius Commission will hold its 28th General Session in Rome, Italy between April 4-9th, 2005. At this meeting, a group of unelected bureaucrats, primarily from the world’s FDA’s will (barring an unseen miracle) ratify a framework for a mindlessly restrictive global trade standard for vitamins and minerals which can be forced on all of us via an insidious process known as “globalization and harmonization of the laws” as an effort ensues to create a carbon copy of the EU in our hemisphere as a prelude to world government.

(A World Health Organization committee chaired by a US FDA employee named Christine Lewis Taylor is in a process of filling in the blanks on allowable potency levels with the following numbers: B-1: 1.3 mg, B-2: 4.5 mg, Beta Carotene: 4 mg, Vitamin D: 5 mg, B-6: 5.4 mg, B-12: 9mg, Vitamin E- 15 mg (synthetic form only allowed), B-3 (Niacin) 17 mg (just because some sensitive people get the niacin flush at low doses as if that even is a “problem” all it is capillaries dilating on the surface of the skin due to increased blood flow, a sign the niacin is HELPING- Niacin saved my life so this “Maximum Safe Permitted Level” could seriously jeopardize my PERSONAL future health), B-5 (Pantothenic Acid) 18 mg, Biotin 180 mcg, Vitamin C 225 mg. TABLE:

WHO “Nutrient Risk Assessment Project

Every single scientist and alternative practitioner from our side who applied to be on this WHO panel was rejected, is THAT any surprise? They haven’t yet “done” amino acids and other nutrients particularly favored by body builders but they’ll crank out junk science “maximum safe permitted levels” for them the same way: by factoring in mythical numbers from some non existent “typical” diet so as to SUBTRACT those nutrients from what they’ll let you have, THEN by factoring in unscientific so called “nutrient risk factors” (based on animal data when far more accurate human data is available and similar junk science.)

The collectivists pushing this agenda have no use for the rights of individuals, and intend to subjugate us all to their will. Post 911, we’ve been witnessing a massive global push to control us from tit- to tomb- and serious non violent resistance is in order a la Ghandi v the British.

On March 20, 2001, a congressional oversight hearing that I pushed for 5 long years on the Codex vitamin issue was whitewashed. I had death threats for pushing for it and wasn’t allowed to testify. My witnesses weren’t allowed to testify. The only person who WAS allowed to testify was a shill for Pfizer Pharmaceutical Company which has insinuated itself deeply into the dietary supplement trade associations.

This individual testified that Codex is a “non issue.” He stated that Codex “only threatens our international sales, but poses no threat to US domestic law including the Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act of 1994 (the law currently protecting our access to dietary supplements- blocking the FDA from banning them the way they want to.) This was a BALD FACED LIE!!!

Just two weeks after this individual testified before Congress that Codex is a “non issue”, his buddy from Pfizer was chairing a meeting of an international coalition of dietary supplement companies called IADSA in Capetown, South Africa titled “Toward a Global Regulatory Model.” An ally of IAHF’s penetrated this meeting and I have complete notes. He also had a confrontation with the man from Pfizer. See for evidence that IADSA is a controlled opposition group. The smoking gun was their gross mistreatment of NNFA New Zealand.


Whats going on here is this: The vitamin trade associations are being politically dominated by their biggest companies, and many of them are quite prepared to sell out consumers and to water down their products to the point of ineffectiveness provided that they get what THEY want (which is one set of regulations for the planet so they don’t have to formulate different products, with different labels, for different countries.)

See Suzanne Harris, JD’s well documented article titled
Who Says Whatever Happens at Codex Doesn’t Affect US Law and Why Do They Say It?

They don’t even care if they are banned from continuing to provide us with the high potency products to which we are accustomed, or if they are banned from using the most bioavailable FOOD forms of nutrients such as the gamma tocopherol form of Vitamin E. (All they intend to let us have access to is the much less effective SYNTHETIC form (alpha tocopherol) which is made by Merck.

The don’t care if they’re banned from using selenium or MSM or amino acids or certain herbs. These are the same people who stopped farmers from using manure back in the 1950s to get them all using chemical fertilizers in order to INTENTIONALLY break the sulfur cycle to trigger a rash of cancer and other degenerative diseases so as to sell tons of patented, ineffective chemotherapy drugs. (Ref: DNA, Eugenics & Farbin
Patrick McGean- Live Blood Study:;read=44137

The big vitamin companies that are pushing for one global vitamin law figure they’re “big enough to weather any storm” and enjoy the prospect of regulatory red tape driving all the small, innovative companies under (even though many of these innovators make the BEST products the supplement industry has to offer- the ones sold mostly through alternative practitioners offices.) They’re doing this because all they care about is pleasing investors in this “race to the bottom.”


WHY? Current world population 6,429,043,948
Projected Population by mid century according to most Demographers: 15 Trillion.

These demographics are very disturbing to the world's ruling elite.
The entitlement programs have all been bankrupt for years, and the demographics of a retiring baby boom are very disturbing to them.

See: "Baby Boom, Population Aging, and Population" (Speech at 30th Anniversary of the Eugenics Society) Bakshi, Gurdip S., and Zhiwu Chen (1994).


On April 13th, Senator Grassley (R-Iowa) will be holding a hearing on CAFTA (Central American Free Trade Agreement). CAFTA would expand NAFTA throughout central America.

Within 90 days of this hearing, Congress will hold a “FA$T TRACK” vote on CAFTA. Under FA$T track rules, NO DEBATE IS ALLOWED


That’s right….. no spit, no grease……. We just get F_ _ _ED (unless, of course, we tell our congress critters in sufficiently large numbers in a very polite but firm way that we’re not buying it, and make their phones ring off the hook and some fax machines run out of paper and INK so they can’t get any OTHER (ahem) “business” done….


By itself, it doesn’t but it’s a precursor for something even MORE insidious: FTAA, the “Free Trade Area of the Americas” which expands NAFTA from the Arctic Circle to Tierra del Fuego (Southern tip of Argentina) to serve as the vehicle for the creation of an equivalent to the EU in our hemisphere as a prelude to a world government- something the Rockef_ _ kers have been wanting for a very long time and they’re so close now to getting it they can TASTE it with the 911 scam being the catalyst intended to take them to the “promised land” as their motto is “ordo ab chao” (Order out of Chaos.)


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5. Visit and utilize the information there to communicate with your senators and congressmen. All can be reached via the Capital Switchboard at 202-225-3121. Tell them you TOTALLY OPPOSE CAFTA, and the FTAA. Fax this article in to them, get fax numbers from and Also email it in via the forms on their website and to any of their email addresses you can score by calling them. (Faxes which make machines run out of paper and ink get noticed by them far more than email which they can effortlessly filter and delete.)

Tell them you heard the giant suckin’ sound of jobs vanishing due to NAFTA and CAFTA and FTAA would extend NAFTA throughout our hemisphere to create a hemispheric wide version of the EU Dictatorship in our Hemisphere.

Tell them that in the UK, despite over a million vitamin consumers signing a petition against harmonizing to the mindless EU Food Supplement Directive, the ruling Labor Party in the UK totally ignored them taking the view that “it didn’t matter” how many people signed the petition, the UK is a member of the EU, so they were hell bent to harmonize UK law to the EU.

6. IAHF allies The Alliance for Natural Health just received a favorable opinion from the lead advisor to the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg. The court’s decision won’t come until June. A majority of the time the court’s final decision echoes the opinion of its lead advisor, but much is riding on this and the EU is incredibly corrupt. ANH is attempting to stop the use of a restrictive so called “positive” list of allowed ingredients which bans 270 ingredients currently allowed to be used in the manufacture of dietary supplements, including 70% of the allowed forms of ingredients (which bans all the more bioavailable FOOD forms.

7. Grasp that the EU is the model for the WORLD, and that IAHF allies ANH need emergency donations for an ADDITIONAL lawsuit to drive a stake through the heart of the Pharmaceuticals Directive (which threatens to turn any substance with any physiologic effect in the body into a “Drug”, it threatens to turn WATER into a “drug.”

8. IAHF needs emergency donations for public speaking nation and world wide on this issue. We’re in a triage situation as the fuse burns closer to the bomb. Your timely donations will assist us in educating more people on this very important issue and to do the traveling necessary for this purpose:

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