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Senator McCain Appears to Capitulate — Your Letters to Congress Are Working — One Final Push Needed to Deny the FDA the Power to Restrict Your Supplements!

On February 3, 2010, Senator John McCain introduced a bill called the Dietary Supplement Safety Act (DSSA).

The name of this bill is misleading because it does not make supplements safer. It instead gives the FDA draconian new powers to ban natural health products.

Within days of this bill being announced, an avalanche of protests erupted as supplement consumers relentlessly emailed and phoned Congress demanding that this bill be withdrawn.

In response to the groundswell of opposition, an announcement was made on March 5, 2010 that Senator McCain was considering withdrawing parts of his bill that were most offensive to vitamin consumers. Many natural health organizations proclaimed “victory”, but Life Extension® has not yet been able to confirm anything of substance with Senator McCain’s office.

Until we receive confirmation of complete withdrawal, we urge Life Extension supporters to continue to oppose DSSA using our legislative action website. In fact, we think now is the time to increase efforts, because support for this bill is waning and victory is in site.

You can also voice your protest by logging on to the legislative site of the Alliance for Natural Health.

For those who think their voice can’t be heard above the fray of pharmaceutical lobbyists, a valuable lesson has been learned. Your letters and phone calls to Congress can make a difference ... more so in this case than merely casting a vote on Election Day.

Health freedom is contingent on eternal consumer vigilance. There is nothing that pharmaceutical lobbyists want more than obstructive laws that force consumers to rely on expensive, side-effect-prone drugs in lieu of low cost nutrients. Please take a few minutes to visit the two websites mentioned above to demand that the Dietary Supplement Safety Act (S.3002) be immediately withdrawn.