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Disease Prevention and Treatment eBook & Hardcover

Stay healthier longer with the hardcover of Disease Prevention and Treatment (5th ed). It's your ultimate medical reference guide, backed by nearly 17,000 references to the scientific literature.

Imagine, over 1,400 pages of breakthrough information that bridges the gap between cutting-edge science and mainstream medicine. All in one must-have volume. This is information you simply won't find anywhere else, published by an organization passionate about keeping you younger and healthier longer.

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Within Disease Prevention and Treatment, you'll find the latest evidence-based protocols for managing 130 different health concerns - from cancer and cardiovascular disease to arthritis and neurological disorders. All documented by thousands of published studies from prestigious scientific journals. You'll also learn how to use natural compounds, hormones, novel pharmaceutical agents, and preventive blood testing to complement mainstream therapies and live a long, healthy life. No other book on the market does all this!

After all, it's been our mission for 35 years to provide you with this kind of lifesaving information. So we've packed Disease Prevention and Treatment with detailed suggestions that can help you break free of the conventional "one-size-fits-all" approach to disease management.

Sample Chapter: Insomnia

Insomnia is the most common sleep disorder, affecting one in four people (Kessler 2011; Shatzmiller 2012; American Academy of Sleep Medicine 2001).

It is well-known that sleep problems can significantly diminish quality of life. However, many people may not realize that insomnia and short sleep duration correlate with various health problems including cardiovascular disease, anxiety, and potentially cancer (Terauchi 2012; Ohayon 1998; Kakizaki 2008; Verkasalo 2005; Philips 2007). Insomnia also increases mortality in adults (Chien 2010; Hublin 2011). Read More


"A welcome resource for everyone interested in finding real solutions to health problems. Very impressive compilation of scientific findings in integrative health care and anti-aging. Well-written, understandable, and authoritative."

Joseph Pizzorno, ND Founder and President Emeritus of Bastyr University

"The breadth of thoroughly researched, innovative health content in Disease Prevention and Treatment is incredible. Everyone – patients and physicians alike – stands to benefit from owning this book."

Julian Whitaker, MD Whitaker Wellness Institute