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Life Extension Magazine

November 1997

The Resurrection of Kilmer McCully

Dr. Kilmer McCully was shunned by the medical establishment when he first proposed his homocysteine theory of heart disease. Now, homocysteine in being seen as the heart's prime enemy, and McCully is being vindicated.


Fighting Cancer With Whey

Whey protein has long demonstrated its many health benefits. New research now shows whey is an even better disease fighter than previously thought.


Super Vitamin E

The latest research is demonstrating that vitamin E has beneficial effects in preventing problems associated with diabetes, and more.


A Busy, Healthful Life

in this new feature, we take a look at real people who exemplify our commitment to great health and nutrition, and an abiding respect for mind and body.

Muscle, Weights & Protein

Fitness expert John Abdo explores how to gain weight through the precise combination of weight training and the right protein supplementation.

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