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Life Extension Magazine

July 1998

Achieving Enhanced Intimacy

Sexual enjoyment is of great importance to both men and women, but concerns arise as we age. It's no wonder that so-called aphrodisiac drugs and nutrients have been popular for years.


Seeking the Key to Immortality

Some of the most exciting work in anti-aging research is being done by a California company, Geron Corp. and its university colleagues. Geron's work promises to halt unnecessary cell death, and possibly cure cancer.

Calorie Restriction In Monkeys

Compelling evidence in demonstrating that calorie restriction may result in longer, healthier lives in humans' closest relatives.


As We See It

As We See It

Cancer patients and their families have to become actively partisan, to force the government to provide access to a dramatic new cancer!

Medical Updates


Increased medical research will save lives, and dollars.

Journal Abstracts